General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (April 20 – May 1, 2020)

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What’s in store for the land of Port Charles in the coming weeks? Seems like there will be plenty of drama that could hit the fan! Will Sonny and Cyrus come to an agreement? How hard will Chase and Sasha work to ensure Michael and Willow get hitched? Will Charlotte continue to wreak havoc on the little town? It’s hard for fans not to speculate! Below are some General Hospital (GH) plotline predictions for April 20 to May 1, 2020.

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12. The Snake Incident Unravels!

According to GH spoilers, Ava will still be shaken up this week by Charlotte’s snake-planting scheme at Violet’s birthday party, but she’ll accuse Nikolas of being behind the entire thing. While she won’t be able to shake the trauma, she’ll think this is just another ploy from Cassadine to terrify her. Seems as if Charlotte could get away with it all, for now.

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11. Valentine On To It

GH spoilers do hint that Valentin will be taken aback in the coming weeks. Charlotte is smooth; however, she is just a child (acting out), and even the smartest adults tend to slip up when it comes to any scheme. Either way, her papa may find something that points to Charlotte being behind the entire snake debacle. If so, what will he do?

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10. Cassadine Cover Up

Valentin will undeniably cover for Charlotte. She may get a stern warning about how her little scheme was wrong, and how it could have endangered others, but he won’t come down too hard on her. After all, Charlotte may be smart enough to show regret. How amazing of a job is sweet actress Scarlett Fernandez doing right now playing this manipulative child? This kid deserves a Daytime Emmy nod at the very least for the work she is doing right now!

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9. Valentin’s Regrets

Could uncovering Charlotte’s snake plan force Valentin to self-reflect? While Lulu is not at all in the loop, Valentin will eventually see what his daughter is up to and know that she is doing this because of his poor influence. Could he decide to turn a new leaf after he realizes just what he is doing to Charlotte? He just may.

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8. Charlotte Will Be Relentless

With that said, the damage is still done, and it will take some time of Valentin being a good role model for it all to sink in. Also, a stern warning from Valentine won’t convince Charlotte to straighten up her ways – not right away! She’s gotten away with far too much already to slow down. GH spoilers indicate that Lulu will “rush” to Crimson in the coming weeks. Could Charlotte pull off another over-the-top scheme while with Nina that involves Nelle? Either way, Lulu will be in the dark over Charlotte’s behavior in the next couple of weeks until something more major comes along.

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7. Charlotte Makes Nelle Look Bad

This would be a pretty interesting plot twist, wouldn’t it? If Charlotte did something to make Nelle look bad, forcing Nina to protect her “stepdaughter” and essentially choosing her over her bio daughter, things could get pretty sticky when it comes to the dynamics between Nelle and Nina. Maybe Charlotte will sense a connection between Nina and Nelle, or maybe Charlotte just sets Nelle up for the fun of it?

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6. Chase and Sasha Work Hard

While Willow declined Michael’s marriage proposal, will she have a change of heart in the coming weeks? Sasha and Chase may work that much harder to place a plan in motion to change Tait’s mind. Protecting Wiley is important to them, as well as Michael and Willow. Perhaps a wedding is the only real way to keep him from Nelle for good.

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5. Cracks With Willow and Chase

GH spoilers suggest that Chase and Willow will debate something in the coming weeks. They may not see eye to eye around Michael’s marriage proposal and continue to fight about it, or maybe Chase simply is trying to fight with Willow to push her in Michael’s direction. He may feel desperate to do all it takes at this point, even faking a fight with his girlfriend.

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4. Both Michael And Willow Upset

If Sasha and Chase decide to pull out all the stops, they could either pretend to have an affair, or simply break up with both Willow and Michael in a stance of solidarity. GH spoilers reveal that Willow will be upset in the coming days, and Michael will need to be consoled by Carly the following week. Will their grief force them together?

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3. Sonny Says Goodbye

Or could Carly be consoling Michael over something else? GH spoilers tease that Sonny will miss a meeting with Cyrus in the coming days. With Mike’s condition ailing right now, could something big happen where Sonny is forced to stay by his dad’s bedside and miss an appointment with Cyrus? What if Mike suffers a seizure and then passes? Sonny’s not one to brush off a meeting of any kind, but when it has to do with family and health, he would.

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2. A New Meeting

GH spoilers suggest that a new meeting will be organized with Cyrus the following week, except this time around Sonny will bring Jason along. Could this mean that an understanding might be reached between the three men, or could this signal a violent showdown? Might be the latter, which would unravel far more drama!

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1. Molly and Brando

They shared a one-night stand, and as per GH spoilers, it seems as if Molly may spill the beans about their love session to Kristina in the coming days. After Molly confides in her sister, there is sure to be some dramatic run-ins between Brando and Molly (while she’s with T.J. perhaps) in the next couple of weeks. Molly will continue to feel guilty, but continue to lie about it as well.

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