General Hospital: Plotline Predictions For September 2020

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With a new month ahead, it’s natural for General Hospital (GH) fans to speculate on what will happen next! Will Wiley be found? How will Nelle try to weasel her way out of this most recent crime? Will Nina ever learn the truth? Only time will truly tell! In the meantime, below are some GH plotline predictions for September 2020.

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12. Sonny Can’t Cope

Sonny will spiral and consume himself with Mike and his condition in September. He’ll be over-emotional (rightfully so) about the entire thing; however, he won’t be able to cope at all. GH spoilers suggest that Carly and Jason will pick up the pieces around his business and family, but this could land them both in some trouble.

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11. Jason Crosses The Line And Gets Caught

GH spoilers hint that JaSam will finally reunite in September, and will be free to be together and be a family again with Danny and Scout. Sadly, trouble is looming on the horizon that may keep them apart. Could Jason cross the line where Cyrus is concerned? Could he get caught? Or worse, captured by Cyrus or one of his goons?

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10. Carly and Jax

GH spoilers for September tease that Carly will share a massive secret with Jax, and the entire thing will create tension for their respective relationships. Could Carly somehow catch wind that Nelle is Nina’s daughter? If Nelle is in a heap of trouble over Wiley’s kidnapping, she’d want to keep it under wraps. Especially since Nina would do everything in her power to help Nelle.

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9. Nelle Gets Caught

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Nelle will get caught and lose any chance to be with Wiley (or have custody of him). She’ll try and implicate Julian, but there is a good chance he’ll ensure to wash his hands of the entire thing. Without any proof, Nelle will go down (alone) in a blaze of glory. With that said, her ties to Nina mean that she’ll still linger in storylines, here and there. The truth might not be revealed in the early part of the month, but perhaps by the end of September.

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8. Willow and Michael

With Nelle completely out of the custody picture, Willow and Michael are free to break up and annul their marriage. But will they? Willow and Michael might get closer than expected in the coming weeks. What if they are so distraught during Wiley’s kidnapping that they look to console each other and get caught up in emotions? They are married after all, so spending the night together wouldn’t be that wrong. It could be a situation where they feel like all hope is lost, do the deed, and then Nelle gets found with Wiley the next morning. They are doing absolutely nothing wrong by being intimate, but without knowing it, they’ll have jeopardized reconciliation with their exes.

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7. Chase and Sasha Are Devastated

Chase and Sasha may not realize that Willow and Michael have gotten so close in such a small amount of time. GH spoilers reveal that Chase will want to come clean to Willow; however, will it be too late now? If Willow and Michael have caught some feelings, it may be. Chase will be devastated, and Sasha will continue to spiral with her drug addiction.

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6. Britt Looks For Revenge

Actress Kelly Thiebaud is set to return to GH soon, and she’ll reprise her Britt Westbourne role. Why is the Britt back? She may be looking to help her mom get out of jail, and get back at half-brother Peter for what he did to Liesl. What if Westbourne brings Alex back with her? What if she finds out that there’s still a small chance that Peter could be Alex’s child and not Anna’s?

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5. Alex Returns

GH spoilers tease that someone that both Peter and Anna is familiar with will return to disrupt things, and it’ll affect Anna (and Finn). What if it’s Alex? What if she comes with proof that she’s Peter’s mom versus Anna? This hasn’t been settled yet entirely. It could be an added piece to the puzzle that will bring Peter August down in the coming weeks.

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4. A Very Holly Comeback

GH spoilers hint that Robert will end up going to Holly’s memorial where some added questions will arise around her passing. Fans know Peter is behind all this, and Robert may have his suspicions; however, there is no proof just yet. While Robert is seeking out answers to some questions at the memorial (or after it) … could Holly end up being alive? Could she make a return to the land of Port Chuckles this September?

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3. Dante’s (Seemingly) Too Late

GH spoilers confirm that Dante WILL return to Port Charles very shortly. Dustin and Lulu are a bon afide couple, and added teasers hint they’ll continue to get that much closer. Dante will come back, and it will seem as if reuniting with Lulu will be a case of “too little, too late,” but fans know that it is only a matter of time before this super couple falls back into each other’s arms.

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2. Cracks In Ned and Olivia

There certainly seems to be something going on between Robert and Olivia, but it could just be a nice friendship developing. After all, between his feelings for Anna, and a potential Holly return, he may have his hands full. With that said, GH spoilers suggest that all the turmoil within ELQ right now will spill over into September, and things will get complicated for Ned when it comes to the relationship he has with his daughter and wife. Ned and Olivia are teetering as it is, and this relationship could continue to crack.

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1. Teen Love Triangle

Josslyn will fully develop romantic feelings for Cameron come September; however, he’ll be deep into a relationship with Trina by the time Joss sorts everything out. Joss will be in a sticky situation at that point. She won’t actively pursue anything, but there will be moments of awkwardness between her and Cam next month, and plenty of coincidences where the two teens end up spending time alone. Joss will try not to cross the line, but a kiss is sure to happen later in the month, and she and Cam will probably have to cover it up with a lie to Trina.

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