General Hospital: Plotline Predictions For October 2021

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Will Nina be okay now that the truth is revealed? Will Sonny find out about Jason and Carly’s secret? What’s Esme really up to? Could Hayden finally come back to the land of Port Charles? General Hospital (GH) fans just love to speculate on storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for October 2021.

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12. Carly Launches An All-Out War On Nina

Every GH fan alive saw this one coming! Of course, Carly will launch an all-out war against Nina. She’ll likely feel that Reeves hid Sonny and seduced him to get back at her for what she did to Nelle (and how she hid it). Carly will advise Michael to stop Nina from seeing Wiley. He and Willow will probably oblige this request. They’ll feel as if Reeves might be too toxic for Wiley to be around. Reeves will feel crushed.

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11. Jason and Carly Remain Hush-Hush

It’ll be the elephant in the room that no one addresses for a while even throughout Port Charles. Who in their right mind is going to tell Sonny that Jason and Carly fell in love and wanted to get married “for real”? No one. Not only because Corinthos is the scariest man in that little town, but also because he just returned after a major ordeal. Jason and Carly will try to “bury” their feelings. It’ll be easy in October until drama unfolds for November.

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10. Michael and Willow’s Wedding Plans

Some good news for the Quartermaines and Corinthos families in October! Willow and Michael will either get engaged for the love of it, or she’ll find out she’s expecting. Either way, Michael will get down on one knee and propose to her, so they can get married the traditional way. Maxie may decide to help with the planning. This will not only keep her in Louise’s orbit but distract her as well.

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9. Chase and BLQ Get Closer

Chase will continue to try and move on with his life. He’s doing very well so far! He and BLQ will get closer and feel some sparks. This is all well and good, however Brook Lynn has a major secret. She currently feels guilty about lying to Valentin. As she grows closer to Chase, she’ll start to feel guilty about lying to him, too.

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8. Brook Lynn Starts To See Another Side Of Austin

He’s family, but BLQ hasn’t been the nicest to her cousin, Austin. As October unwinds, Brook Lynn may see another side to this newest Quartermaine. Perhaps instead of being mean to him, the two can become as good of friends as she and Michael are. But what will be her “a-ha” moment? It’ll be Leo and how Austin remains determined to help him.

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7. Finn and Elizabeth Cross A Line

There’s been so much talk about Hayden and her disappearance lately, it’s no wonder fans are expecting her to return soon. That will likely happen in November, so October is all about the Finn-Liz romance! They’ll go on a few dates this month, and this will lead to much more (wink, wink). The two will get closer, just in time for Violet’s mom to come back in an explosive fashion.

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6. Sam and Dante Get Intimate

Speaking of getting intimate, it seems like the same fate is set for Dante and Sam. However, these two will likely hop into bed way sooner than Liz and Finn. Once again, the whole idea is for Sam to fall for Dante, only for Drew to return to town. This will set up a nice little conflicted love triangle between McCall, Cain and Falconeri.

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5. Victor Cassadine Heads To Port Charles

Once Drew’s in town, it makes sense for Victor to let his presence be known. Anna and Valentin will likely clue in that Cassadine is alive. He may even kidnap Valentin in the mix of things, leaving Anna to save him and Liesl. Once again, the villain won’t face any repercussions; however, as everyone will know he’s alive, he’ll decide to settle back into Port Charles life.

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4. How Will This Affect The Cassadine Family?

Nik and Spencer currently live at Wyndemere, so will grandpa Victor move in, too? This sounds like a possible scenario. There’s even a chance that Nik and Spence will be kicked out, although Victor will probably allow them to stay in the mansion. This would give him the opportunity to bond with them both. To gain their acceptance, he may even pull some strings to get Alexis released from jail.

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3. Who Is Esme Price?

Most fans already sense that Esme is not good. Viewers also have a feeling she’s “connected” to someone in Port Charles. The obvious choice does seem like Ryan or Kevin, as she’s so fascinated by Chamberlain. The other idea is that she’s an illegitimate child of Ava’s. If Ava placed her up for adoption after she had Kiki, then this would explain why Esme “stalked” Jerome (as well as her resentment issues). Although, what if Esme is Julian Jerome’s daughter? She may be mad at Ava for turning on her brother near the end of his life. Esme might be the daughter of Ava’s sister, Olivia. She might want to “get back” at Ava, for the sake of her mom.

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2. Esme Moves In On Cameron

Esme could move on from Spencer soon. This would open up a door for Spence to link up with Trina and allow that romance to have its twists and turns. Cameron could catch Esme’s eye. She’s manipulative and might cause issues between Josslyn and Cam. The two young ladies seem to have minor animosity towards each other, as it stands now.

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1. A New Generation Of Feuding Begins

Minor animosity can turn major in a matter of weeks. If Esme moves in on Cam and schemes to break up his relationship with Josslyn, things could get ugly fast. A new generation of feuding might begin between Esme and Joss, one that could last weeks, months or even years, depending on how intriguing the writers make this rivalry.

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