General Hospital: Plotline Predictions For November 2021

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How long can Nina and Sonny hide their Nixon Falls relationship from Carly? Will Drew and Liesl ever return to Port Charles? Will Britt and Jason reunite on a romantic level? There’s nothing General Hospital (GH) fans love more than to speculate on storylines. As such, below are some below GH plotline predictions for November 2021.

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12. Carly’s Spidey Senses Are Tingling

Carly’s spidey senses are already tingling, here at the end of October. She can feel something is “up” or “off”. She may not realize Sonny is hiding something now, but she knows something is “not right”. Tension will continue to build up within Ms. Corinthos until she can’t help but explode. You can’t hide anything from Carly.

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11. Carly Pushes For The Truth With Sonny and Nina

Carly will pick up on something, whether it’s a statement made, a gesture between Nina and Sonny, or possibly something that Ava says. If she sees a window of opportunity on a weak soul, she’ll jump at the chance to berate them until she gets to the truth. Carly will “push” someone to reveal what is being hidden.

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10. The Truth About Nina And Sonny Comes Out

The truth about Sonny and Nina’s relationship in Nixon Falls will come out at some point in November possibly as early as the first week of the month. Then, heck has no fury like Carly Corinthos scorned! Both Nina and Sonny will regret the day they ever laid eyes on each other. The mob boss will regret lying to his wife and not coming clean sooner.

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9. Drew and Liesl Are Saved (Sort Of)

Jason and Britt will end up saving Liesl and Drew. Of course, Peter will get away before he can be captured. Drew will still be brainwashed, and in a state where August could trigger him at any moment. It will be something in the back of Drew’s mind that he won’t be able to shake. This is a dangerous position to be in, but Cain will be happy to head back to Port Charles and finally reunite with Scout, Monica, and of course, Sam.

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8. Chemistry Between Sam and Drew

Upon Drew’s return, fans will see some instant chemistry between him and Sam. McCall will feel it too, which will create a sticky situation for her, especially in light of her romance with Dante. Heck, Falconeri might also tune into the sparks flying between his “girlfriend” and Cain. Will they act upon it? Probably not this month.

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7. Britt and Jason Reconnect In Greece

Jason and Britt will reconnect in Greece, but only after the others are saved. Although, there is a small chance they may get emotional during all the action and adventure, not knowing where Obrecht is, and do the deed before Liesl and Drew are saved. Regardless, they’ll re-enter the land of Port Chuckles a bonafide couple again.

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6. Back To The Carly and Sonny Drama…

Jason will return to the little town, only to find a distraught Carly. This will complicate things for him and Britt, as well as for him and Sonny. Jason and Carly were honest with Corinthos, and the root anger from Carly will be that Sonny was not. Things are about to get sticky with these three as Carly will turn to Jason for emotional support. She may even want to leave Sonny over this, or kick him out. Both Britt and Sonny won’t be pleased about Jason and Carly spending so much time together. It may prove to Westbourne that Carly does indeed always come first in Jason’s life.

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5. More Conflict Between Spencer And Nikolas

GH spoilers for November hint that Spencer will learn about Nik’s involvement with Hayden’s shooting. This will create more conflict between the father and son, but could it also bond the two? Will Spence keep his dad’s secret about Hayden, or could he reveal it to Shawn Butler? Maybe even take it to the authorities? Alexis is struggling right now about what to do, but she may inevitably keep her nephew’s secret.

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4. Victor Cassadine Makes Things Awkward

GH spoilers for November also note that Victor Cassadine could cause some issues between Ava and Nikolas. Does Victor move into Wyndemere? Will he try to lay claim on the estate? Will Jerome and Nik be homeless, or will they all try to co-exist in the mansion? There is room enough for the three of them, but Victor could make things awkward.

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3. Jeff Webber Returns

There’s too much mention of Jeff Webber lately to not believe he’s returning soon. Still, the same could be said about Hayden, but she’s yet to come back to the little town. However, it is sweeps month, so the possibility of both Barnes and Webber coming back in November is high.

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2. Elizabeth and Finn Solidify Their Romance

The chances of Barnes’ returning would be higher if Finn and Elizabeth officially hooked up, which is seemingly where these two are heading. They’ll continue to dance around the idea, but a night alone without any kids (the boys and Violet could all be at sleepovers with their respective friends) could nudge them both to take the plunge. Who else is hoping for this?


1. Sasha and Brando Have Their Baby

Finishing off with some feel-good predictions, Sasha looks like she’s ready to pop any day now! A new baby to celebrate in Port Charles is just what everyone needs right now. GH spoilers suggest that Brando and Sasha will continue to bond this month, but can they get a hold of their romance with midnight feedings and sleep deprivation in the mix? Only time will tell!

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