General Hospital: Plotline Predictions For March 2021

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Is Zander Smith coming back? Will the old Franco resurface? What will happen to Peter August once the truth comes out? Will Anna and Finn break up over everything that is about to come down the pipe? General Hospital (GH) fans just love to speculate! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for March 2021.

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13. Is Zander Smith Alive?!

It was recently announced that actor Chad Brannon is back on the GH set, and will hit daytime screens in March. From 2000 to 2004, he played Zander Smith; however, this character passed away when he was shot. Could Smith be alive? Zander also happens to be Cameron Webber’s bio dad, so if Zander hasn’t passed away, there could be some interesting storylines on the horizon.

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12. He Kidnaps Franco

GH spoilers reveal that Franco will go missing soon. Franco could skip town, or he could get kidnapped. What if Zander takes Baldwin in an attempt to keep Cam safe? Smith could have been in hiding all this time when the news of Franco’s tumor hit. He may “come back” and kidnap Franco to keep his son away from someone who he thinks is unsafe.

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11. New Character?

There’s also the idea that Brannon arrives in Port Charles as an entirely different character. This isn’t the first time an actor on GH (or any other soap opera) has played more than one character on screen. In fact, before actor Michael Easton played Finn Hamilton on the soap, he had roles as John McBain, Caleb Morley, and Dr. Silas Clay. Brannon could be an unknown brother or twin of Zander’s, too.

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10. Double-Wedding Chaos

Everything is about to hit the fan, as the Finn/Anna/Peter/Maxie wedding is on the horizon for early March. The truth will come out about Peter, but how and who will reveal it all? Anna knows what Peter is all about at this point. She and Valentin will devise a plan. Could they frame August into confessing before his wedding? Could he get hauled off by the WSIB, leaving the bride-to-be waiting?

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9. Anna and Finn

GH spoilers hint that Maxie will be ready for her big day, and Peter will be delayed. Could Anna be delayed too? Once the truth comes out, will Finn be hurt that Anna turned to Valentin for help and not him? He may be upset she kept the truth about Peter from him, too. Seems like the days are numbered for this couple.

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8. Vanna and Falexis?

Do any other GH fans notice how close Anna and Valentin are getting? The two seem to be inching just as close as Finn and Alexis as of late. Once Finn and Anna break up, Valentin could gravitate towards Devane, while Finn helps Alexis sober up. The chemistry between Cassadine and Devane has yet to be explored, so this should prove to be interesting if the soap opera goes that route.

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7. What Will Become Of Peter?

Back to August, there a few ways this could go with Peter. Anna and Valentin could set him in a trap, where he tries to escape, and he gets shot. There’s also a chance he fesses up and gets hauled away. GH spoilers hint that Anna will be apologetic next week, and this teaser could be about Peter or Finn. Meanwhile, Valentin will tell August that he cares for him. Cassadine could be this expressive if Peter lands in the hospital while they are trying to nab him.

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6. What Will Become Of Maxie?

Could Maxie lose her baby in March? What if something happens at the wedding that causes a miscarriage? The ceremony being stopped by someone with good intentions is one thing; however, what if it is stopped in a violent manner where Maxie gets caught in the crossfire? This would devastate Jones, not only “losing” Peter, but losing her baby, too.

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5. Nina and Carly’s Feud Continues

Things will continue to get heated between Carly and Nina in March. These two ladies have a major hate-on for each other. Nina’s behavior is somewhat justifiable. After all, she just found out that Nelle was her daughter, and that there was a small chance that Carly and Jax could’ve saved her. With that said, Carly is known to be a little self-centered, so lashing back at Nina and not being more sympathetic is only adding fuel to the fire. This rivalry will continue to heat up this month.

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4. Nina Finds Sonny

With Nina’s nurse being the one who has found Sonny, it’s not hard to predict that Nina will soon figure out that “Mike” is Sonny. In an act of revenge, she’ll keep Corinthos hidden from the rest of the family. She’ll run into him while visiting Phyllis. Nina may even make it a point to visit Sonny regularly. He may gravitate towards her because her hair resembles that of the woman (Carly) in his dreams. It’ll all be done out of spite, and Carly won’t have a clue.

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3. Nina and Sonny Bond

Nina may even try to forge a relationship with “Mike”. She may even go as far as to pretend that the two are friends, and keep him away from Carly. Could things turn romantic between the two? Maybe! It may start as an innocent act of revenge, but Nina could also develop feelings for Corinthos.

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2. Ava’s Secret Admirer

Who sent Ava that odd Valentine’s Day gift recently? It has Ryan Chamberlain written all over it. With that said, what if it’s Franco? That is, evil Franco surfacing without the nice-and-normal Franco realizing it! Franco and Ava were once involved too, and the note did imply that the secret admirer was someone who has been with Jerome before? What if old Franco is coming back without him realizing it, and targeting Ava?

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1. Jason and Britt Get Closer

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Britt and Jason will continue to get closer. There Valentine’s deliveries at the hospital made for some cute and fun scenes together. But will tragedy plague their budding romance? It’s clear that something is up with Britt’s health and she may have inherited Huntington’s disease from Faison. The truth about this should come out in March, just after they’ve taken that next step in their relationship.

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