General Hospital: Plotline Predictions For Fall 2021

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Will Sonny finally return to Port Charles this fall? Who will be the one to expose this truth to him in the end? How will Jason and Carly react? How will he react to “Jarly”? So many questions, so few answers! As such, below are some General Hospital (GH) plotline predictions for fall 2021.

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12. Sonny’s Big Return

This storyline has dragged on long enough! Sonny is mere weeks away from returning to Port Charles at this point. While most fans thought he would stop the Jason and Carly wedding, it seems appropriate for Corinthos to come back with his full memories and witness Jason and his wife settled in the compound as husband and wife. There will be extra salt in the wound if “Jarly” is canoodling with Avery and Donna.

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11. Who Tells Sonny The Truth?

Sonny will likely remember who he is on his own. Something major will trigger his memory. Then, there’s the idea that he could get into an accident, bump his head (or fall into a coma), and wake up remembering he is a mob boss and not a bartender. Then, things could go two ways.

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10. Will He Be Upset With Nina?

He may wake up remembering who he is, and not remembering his time with Nina. If that is the case, he may not be upset with Reeves at all. He’ll return to Port Charles on his own accord. However, if he wakes up remembering his past and recent events, Sonny will be shaken. All he’ll want to do is head back home. He’ll be appreciative to Phyllis for all her help. He will promise to take care of her after he gets back to Port Charles, but he won’t be thrilled with Nina and what she’s done.

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9. Jason and Carly Try To Explain

Perhaps Sonny comes back and doesn’t find Jason and Carly in bed or doing anything inappropriate. Maybe they can explain to him that their marriage was a lie to protect the business. Why wouldn’t he believe them? Jason and Carly have only been BFFs all these years, and Sonny has never had a reason to doubt their loyalty or be jealous. If they do this, they’d have a major lie between them, and a new storyline ahead.

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8. Ryan Chamberlain Returns

Fall can be a spooky time of year, and no one gives Port Charles residents the heebie-jeebies more than Ryan Chamberlain. A connection between Esme and Ryan is sure to surface soon. The young lady has an unhealthy interest in the serial killer. The obvious explanation is that she’s his daughter. Then there’s also a chance she could just be a weird fan of his work. Either way, people could start dropping, and it might be at the hands of Chamberlain (and Esme).

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7. Esme’s True Colors

Esme’s true colors will begin to show more and more. She’s not just your everyday schemer; she might be dangerous. She may start axing people to “impress” Ryan. Esme may begin to target people who “get in her way”, and she’ll eventually make her rounds to Joss, Cam, and of course, Trina. Will the teens be able to stop her before it’s too late?

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6. Drew Returns!

Drew’s ready to escape with the real Nurse Chloe, and while they are weeks away from finally reaching Port Charles, they’ll get there sometime this fall. Drew’s return will shake things up in several ways. Jason, Monica, Curtis, Scout and Michael will feel as if they have a second chance. Meanwhile, Sam will feel very conflicted.

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5. Sam and Dante Solidify Things

Sam and Dante will solidify their romance at some point over the next few weeks. Drew will likely return sometime in October, in and around the same time “Sante” hit the sheets. They may even decide to move in together or take a major step. Either way, Drew’s return will place a wedge in that romance.

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4. The Peter Factor

Peter ending up in Nixon Falls was so random; however, once the truth comes out about Sonny, the truth will also come out about August. Valentin already feels weird about the phone call he had with Nina, so Cassadine and Devane are bound to put two-and-two together. Regardless, Peter will jump into the shadows once again, but “knowing” Peter is still alive will affect storylines for many others.

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3. Finn and Liz Breath A Sigh Of Relief

Finn and Liz will learn that Peter is alive and realize they dodged a bullet on manslaughter charges. Their “secret” has brought them closer together, but their collective sigh of relief might cause them to spend the night together. The chemistry they feel, plus the weight lifted off their shoulders since they didn’t “hurt” anyone, will create a range of emotions, plus some sparks.

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2. Maxie Keeps The Charade Going

One major downfall to Peter August being alive and okay is that Maxie will continue to keep the charade going on as it relates to Baby Louise. Sadly, the little girl will stay with BLQ, and in many ways, Jones will be at Brook Lynn’s mercy. Or, could Jones decide to kidnap the child and go on the run? She has two other kids in Port Charles, so that seems unlikely. Unless she can convince Spinelli to join her?

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1. Hayden Returns?

There’s a feeling among all GH fans that Hayden is on the cusp of a major return. Finn and her half-sister Elizabeth are getting cozy, not to mention the fact that she’s clearly linked to Victor Cassadine, who is also linked to Drew Cain and Peter August. Plus, Liesl is now wrapped up in all of this. Could Hayden Barnes be stashed away somewhere with Obrecht in that creepy mansion? Will Liesl find her? Fans could learn about this over the coming weeks.

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