General Hospital: Plotline Predictions For August 2021

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Will Jason and Carly get married this month? Will Sonny regain his memories? Is Drew Cain headed back to Port Charles, and what would be the ramifications of his return? General Hospital (GH) fans just love speculating on storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for August 2021.

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12. Jarly Wedding

Jason and Carly are engaged, but when will they officially tie the knot? Does anyone else feel as if their wedding day might be tied to Sonny regaining his memory and returning to the little town? Corinthos is bound to remember his old life come August. This storyline has been going on for too long now. However, what exactly will jog his memory?

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11. “Mike” and Nina Spend The Night Together

There are a few ways this could all play out. Could “being” with Nina trigger memories of “Mike” being with Carly? He may not “remember” Carly per se, but he might “remember” being with another woman after they hit the sheets. Sonny won’t be insensitive enough to tell Nina he has memories of being intimate with another woman, but viewers will see Corinthos inch closer to remembering who he is. It might also unleash a flood of memories from his past life. He may also remember exactly who Nina is after “being” with her.

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10. Nina Tells Him The Truth

Then, there’s the idea that Nina will tell Sonny the truth of her own accord. They’ll certainly do the deed sometime in August, but Reeves will feel so guilty about keeping the truth from “Mike” that she’ll tell him who he is. He may even reveal memories that are popping up, to the point where Nina will believe it is best to come clean.

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9. Sonny Bursts In On The Jarly Wedding

Does any other fan feel as if Sonny will stop the Jarly wedding? Or regain his memories, and head to Port Charles just to see his wife and right-hand man kiss in wedded bliss? Would this make Sonny come forward, or hide in the shadows? It may unleash a fury in Corinthos that he won’t be able to hide.

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8. Britt and Jason Have An Affair

Jason’s marriage to Carly isn’t exactly legit, but everyone in the mob world needs to think it is. Therefore, Jason may eventually get through to Britt and let her know the relationship with his wife (or fiancé) is all business and no pleasure. Could Britt and Jason have an “affair” in August that they keep under wraps?

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7. Britt Winds Up Expecting

Britt not only hit the sheets with Jason last month but also Jax. Could things get complicated for her when she realizes she’s expecting? It could also create some stress with her Huntington’s condition. Would Westbourne keep this a secret, or let her suitors know what is going on? She may not reunite with Jason and ask Jax to pretend to be her baby daddy. If she does reunite with Jason, the baby being Jax’s could place a damper on things. Britt may decide to turn to a new friend.

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6. BFF Relationship On The Horizon

Terry and Britt have been thrown into co-Chief of Staff roles. Both ladies seem slightly displeased with the situation; however, it seems that Terry will give this the old college try. Sounds like there will be drama between them in August, but does anyone else see a nice friendship that might emerge? Terry has a kind heart and might be able to help Britt with some things she’s struggling with. With Nina in Nixon Falls, Brad in jail and Maxie in Texas, Westbourne could use a friend.

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5. Drew Cain Returns

There are some major hints that Drew Cain could be headed back to Port Charles. First, GH spoilers imply that Monica will get another chance with a loved one. She was quite close to Drew and has often stated she wished she had more time with her “son”. Meanwhile, there’s major buzz that the newly hired actor for the show, soap veteran Cameron Mathison, has been recast for the role.

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4. Drew Enters Storylines

It’s likely that if Cameron Mathison is playing Drew Cain, most of August will answer questions around how he can still be alive. He’ll possibly have to escape a captor, or potentially have amnesia. Most of next month will reveal Drew’s journey back to Port Charles, and fans will be on the edge of their seats the entire time!

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3. Millow and Chase

As Chase works hard to recover, Michael and Willow will work hard to fight their feelings for each other. Millow will possibly give in to temptation and, if so, there’s a good chance that Chase (secretly) sees them together. Will he catch a glimpse of a kiss, or the two of them in bed? He might also overhear them expressing their love for each other!

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2. Chase Regresses

Chase may also overhear Willow say that the only reason she’s “with” Harrison is to help him get better. Could this cause Chase to regress in his recovery? Might he decide to fake getting better to keep Michael and Willow apart, or for revenge? This doesn’t sound like Chase, but people’s personalities sometimes change drastically in the land of daytime drama to suit plot twists!

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1. What’s Happened To Peter?

Most fans likely saw the missing body thing from a mile away; however, it’s hard not to wonder what has happened to Peter. Is he alive now? Was an accomplice able to de-thaw him? Was a Cassadine involved in any of this? Will Peter August return in August? Anything is possible in the land of Port Charles! Here’s hoping viewers get some answers!

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