General Hospital: Plotline Predictions For August 2019


Summer continues to roll on in the land of Port Charles. As July turns to August, fans can’t help but wonder what will happen next in the little town. Will the truth about Nina’s daughter come out? Will everyone find out about Baby Wiley and his true bio parents? Will Finn and Hayden reunite? Below are some crazy and shocking General Hospital (GH) plot predictions for August.

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12. Hayden Deception Revealed

GH fans shouldn’t be too overly excited about a potential Hayden and Finn reunion. Spoilers seem to suggest that Hayden’s deception will be revealed soon, and if that is the case, audiences should expect tons of drama to fly. If the way she skipped town on Finn, lying about her pregnancy bubbles up, then it will be very hard for the good doctor to forgive her.

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11. Baby Mystery

Hayden hasn’t really mentioned a baby at all, but she was clearly pregnant before she skipped town last time fans saw her about two years ago. There is a small chance that she lost the baby while pregnant, or the child could’ve passed away during her time away from Port Charles; however, there is also a good chance that things are hush-hush because Hayden is waiting for the right time to tell Finn about his child. This is sure to come out this month.

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10. Anna Returns

Actress Finola Hughes is simply on a summer vacation right now, which is why GH fans haven’t seen much of her onscreen as of late. It won’t be long before Devane comes back, and late August seems like a very good time to return. She’ll probably stroll back into Port Charles just as Finn finds out about Hayden’s lies.

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9. Valentin’s Secret

Will Nina ever learn the truth about her daughter, and the lie that Valentin has been hiding with Sasha? Seems as if with Liesl in the loop, it won’t be long before Nina finds out that Sasha is an imposter. But, perhaps it won’t be anyone that spills the beans; rather, it may just be the fact that another necklace pops up to reveal that Sasha may not be Nina’s daughter after all.

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8. Willow’s World

GH seems to be teasing that Willow could be Nina’s long-lost daughter. Of course, there’s no way for these women to connect with Reeves believing that Sasha is her offspring. While Willow and Nina don’t (and won’t) interact much now that summer is here, perhaps their worlds will collide once school is back in session. Having said that, Willow is more preoccupied with Baby Wiley and all the drama around him. Perhaps the truth about the child needs to be exposed before Nina’s daughter secret does.

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7. Brad Will Remain Silent

Just when GH fans think that the truth (or one of the truths) around this storyline is set to unravel, nothing comes of it. Brad could potentially protect Wiley from Shiloh by telling everyone (half) the truth, which is that he switched the babies and Wiley is not Willow’s or Shiloh’s; however, he’d surely lose Lucas, and he risks Michael learning that Wiley is really Jonah. Shiloh will stop at nothing to gain access to his son, but could Wiley’s heart issue and Shiloh’s medical records be the thing that blows this secret out of the water?

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6. Shiloh’s Shenanigans

Here’s hoping there is a way to keep Shiloh away from Wiley; after all, he isn’t really his son anyway! But the real question right on every fan’s mind is why does Shiloh care at all about Drew’s memory and why did he steal his flash drive? With a court case against him right now, could Cain have incriminating evidence against Shiloh that could have him rotting in jail forever?

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5. Drew Is Killed

The news broke recently that the actor who plays Drew Cain, Billy Miller, is exiting the show, and his last scenes will air at the end of August. Drew could be recast, or simply leave town. With all that is going on with Shiloh, there’s also a good chance that Drew is killed. By stealing that flash drive, Shiloh is desperate about Cain not regaining his memories; therefore, he could very well murder him to keep Drew from learning about his past.

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4. Don’t Take That Drive

Or could Drew be killed in an accident? That psychic Ava has been chatting with told Franco recently to “not take that drive,” which has poor Baldwin as paranoid as can be. Could Franco be forced behind the wheel due to an emergency or something of that nature and cause an accident that ultimately kills his friend Drew?

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3. Carly Goes Into Preterm Labor

Carly has had issues with this pregnancy from the moment she found out she was going to be a mom (again). Baby Corinthos is due in the fall, and to further add some stress (and drama) into the equation, Carly could very well go into labor prematurely at the end of August.

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2. Lulu Struggles

Peter recently caught Lulu drinking her pain away, missing Dante terribly. As Lulu tries to move on with life, she could find herself struggling and turn to alcohol to help ease her stress. Single life, and single mom life, can’t be easy, especially when your soul mate has left you for good. Lulu could find herself spiraling.

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1. The Dark Prince Returns

Could brother Nikolas come back for the save? Actor Tyler Christopher has been teasing on Twitter that fans shouldn’t count Nikolas Cassadine out, which has many GH viewers wondering about a return. The end of August just may be a perfect time for the Dark Prince to rise in Port Charles once again.

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