General Hospital: Spoilers For September 2019

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Nelle and Shiloh will team up to get back at the Quartermaines on General Hospital (GH) this month. Also, Kim and Franco will continue to get closer and Epiphany will deliver some dire news. Plus – Obrecht will get what she wants. Read on for more GH crazy and shocking spoilers for September 2019.

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12. Anna Returns

Anna Devane will make her way back to Port Charles later this month and will find that things are very different from when she left town at the beginning of summer. Although she’s still engaged to Finn, his ex Hayden has returned, and Anna will surely not be pleased by this turn of events. Finn, however, has remained dedicated to Anna so far and has not been tempted by Hayden. But the secret that Hayden’s and Finn’s baby is still alive, coupled with Anna’s return, is surely leading to a love triangle between the three.

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11. Josslyn Starts To Move On

Josslyn has been depressed for months now, ever since Oscar’s death. It’s tough losing someone you care deeply about, especially at a young age, but she needs to move on and start living her life again. Luckily, her mom recognizes this and even though Joss wanted to be homeschooled, Carly insisted that she go back to high school in September. And Joss will continue to take baby steps to move on from the tragedy this month, as her friends and family continue to help her to cope.

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10. Epiphany Delivers Grim News

Things are not looking good for Sasha, as Epiphany will have some upsetting news for Finn this month. Unfortunately, Sasha’s health seems to be on a downward spiral. Finn is desperately searching for a way to cure her of the Avian Flu that Cassandra injected into a grapefruit Sasha ate. Nina too will be overwhelmed with panic about Sasha’s condition. But will Finn be able to help save Sasha’s life before it’s too late?

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9. Kim Cheats On Julian With Franco

GH Spoilers tease that Kim will hit the sheets with Franco this month. Viewers understand Franco is now living with Drew’s memories of the past and has none of his own. In those memories, Drew was madly in love with Kim. She has tried to resist Franco’s advances, even pushing him away when he kissed her, but rumor has it she will eventually give in. But will it just be a one-night stand or develop into something more meaningful? And what could this mean for Franco’s marriage to Liz?

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8. Julian Has Second Thoughts

Although he’s told Kim he’ll move to Manhattan with her and even sold his pub, the push-back from Julian’s family will make him reconsider his decision. His sister Ava doesn’t want him to leave and his son Lucas has also expressed his disappointment. Could this, coupled with Kim cheating on him with Franco, cause him to change his mind about leaving?

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7. Obrecht Gets What She Wants

Jax recently mentioned to Hayden that he was considering using Liesl Obrecht to get more information about his nemesis Valentin. So, will he decide to start dating her? Spoilers tease that Liesl will get what she wants this month, so could she and Jax become a couple? As viewers know, Liesl has some very damaging information indeed when it comes to Valentin. She could blow the Sasha secret wide open to Jax if the pair get close enough.

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6. Michael E. Knight Hits Port Charles

In casting news, Michael E. Knight will be joining the GH cast in an unknown role. Will he debut this month? It’s looking like it! Knight is best known for playing All My Children’s Tad The Cad, a popular character. What character he will play remains on GH to be seen but all should be revealed soon.

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5. Wyatt Hoover Returns

In other casting news, Patrick J. Gibbons, who played Sam Manning on One Life to Live, revealed on his Instagram account that he will be returning to Port Charles as Wyatt Hoover the scout. Wyatt was on the soap for a few episodes last summer, helping to save Peter when he was kidnapped. Will Wyatt be back to once again to help save Peter from another dire situation?

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4. Lulu And Dustin Get Closer

Now that Lulu has agreed to divorce Dante, does that mean she and Dustin will begin dating? Her bestie Maxie has been playing matchmaker for Lulu lately and certainly thinks Dustin fits the bill as a potential suitor. Lulu and Dustin have seemed to have hit it off, but is it too early for Lulu to be moving on from Dante?

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3. Will Drew Be Killed Off?

Now that GH producers have confirmed that Billy Miller’s last airdate was August 21, viewers know Drew Cain was on his way to Afghanistan and then Ethiopia to donate the money that was in his old car to charity. But what will happen to Drew offscreen? Many rumors tease he’ll die in a helicopter crash or in another dangerous situation. But will the character be killed off, with no chance of a return?

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2. Nelle’s Alliance With Shiloh

With Shiloh and Nelle both living at Pentonville, how soon will it be before she starts plotting to kill him? Shiloh stupidly told Nelle about inheriting ELQ shares from Oscar and if there’s anything that would interest Nelle, it would be something to do with Michael. Does she have a plan to team up with Shiloh, get the shares and then kill him? Or will she decide to work with him to seek revenge against the Quartermaines?

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1. Will Peter Double-Cross Shiloh?

Speaking of Shiloh, with Peter’s help, he could end up walking out of Pentonville free and clear. Now that he’s blackmailing Peter about his involvement in the memory mapping of Drew, Peter has told Shiloh he will find a way to free him. But will Peter really betray everyone he cares about, or is he secretly working with Robert to set Shiloh up? Stay tuned!

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