General Hospital: Spoilers For August 2019

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Time to say “goodbye” to July and “hello” to August! As the summer rolls on in Port Chuckles, so will the drama, and this month will continue to offer some exciting developments on General Hospital (GH). Learn more about what will happen to Nina, Valentin, JaSam, Shiloh, Carly, Sonny, Joss, Jax and others in the crazy and shocking GH spoilers for August 2019.

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12. Hayden & Finn

While they won’t reunite in August, expect plenty of drama between these two exes in the coming weeks. GH spoilers suggest that Hayden will go over the top in a situation, and make herself look rather foolish. Meanwhile, Finn will turn to Epiphany for something and rely on her expertise. When all is said in done, seems like his colleague will save the day for him.

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11. Nina Is On To Valentin

GH spoilers reveal that Nina will catch on to a plan that Valentin has. Could she find out about Sasha not being her daughter? It seems like this storyline is on the verge of exploding. In other related teasers, Sasha will turn to Maxie and confide in her. Could she tell her that she’s not really Nina’s daughter? As the month unfolds, Nina will be concerned about something.

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10. Billy Miller Exit

As per, actor Billy Miller (Drew Cain) is leaving GH, and while his last airdate has not yet been revealed, it seems as if it could very well take place at the end of the month. The real question is will Drew be recast or will be wiped off the canvas? Will he simply leave town, or could this be the end of Cain as we know it?

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9. Drew On His Way Out?

Whether the Drew character is leaving Port Charles or he is recast, writers will be setting Drew up for an exit this month. GH spoilers indicate that Cain will be catching up with Curtis at the beginning of August, and will call upon Sonny at some point this month for some help.

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8. Jason & Shiloh

GH spoilers tease that there will be some friction between Shiloh and Jason this month. First and foremost, Shiloh will propose an offer to Jason … perhaps he’ll extend an olive branch? As August progresses, Shiloh will begin to feel very desperate about his situation. Could it be that Jason places him in a corner he cannot get out of?

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7. Sam’s World

GH spoilers indicate that Sam and Willow may do some bonding this month, as the two meet up in August. As the days go by, Sam won’t be on the same page with someone else and will be in an arguing mood. In related spoilers, Sam’s mom Alexis will receive some bad news.

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6. Franco & Liz

GH spoilers hint that Liz will receive a shocking phone call sometime in August that will leave her feeling upset. Meanwhile, Franco will feel very reflective this month, and grateful for his dad Scott. In other related spoilers, Liz and Jason will get into a fight and won’t see eye-to-eye on something in August; this may have something to do with their son Jake.

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5. Lulu Upset

Lulu’s world has been torn upside-down recently thanks to Dante’s divorce request. GH spoilers seem to hint that Lulu will still be quite upset this coming month, trying to move on from losing the love of her life. Teasers indicate that her mom may be the rock she needs, as Laura will be checking in on how she is doing.

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4. Julian Bonds With Lucas

GH spoilers hint that Julian will have a nice bonding session with Lucas. With all the baby Wiley drama that has unfolded as of late, perhaps Jerome will offer a nice support system for him in the month of August. Speaking of, Lucas will have some news to share in the weeks to come.

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3. The Dark Prince Returns

With Nikolas’ name being dropped here and there recently, many GH fans wonder if a return is on the horizon? The actor who plays Cassadine, Tyler Christopher, has dropped some hints via Twitter in July suggesting that fans shouldn’t eliminate the idea of a Nikolas return. Could we see Cassadine back in Port Charles sometime in August?

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2. Cameron Surprised

GH spoilers state that Cameron will get a surprise of sorts in August, and the person behind it all will be Josslyn. Do these two friends have a chance at romance? Cameron seemingly has always had a thing for Joss, but can her heeling heart around Oscar passing allow him in?

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1. Robert’s News

GH spoilers reveal that Robert will have some disappointing news to share this month. Could this revolve around Anna and her journey to find her sister, Alex? Finn is desperate to have Devane back in Port Charles, here’s hoping she returns soon; however, she will be back before everyone knows it. Actress Finola Hughes is simply on a summer hiatus right now.

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