General Hospital: Spoilers For April 2019

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As Port Charles gears up for May sweeps in about a month, it seems as if April will come in like a lion, and out like one too! Someone is set to get arrested; Kristina will cross the line; and the little town gears up to potentially mourn a loss. Learn about these storylines and others in the General Hospital (GH) crazy and surprising spoilers for April 2019!

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12. Who Gets Arrested?

GH spoilers tease that Jason is set to get hauled down to the Port Charles police department sometime in April. The reason behind his arrest seems unclear; however, one can only assume that it has to do with Shiloh and his Dawn of Day cult, not to mention Sam. Speaking of, JaSam will be given the opportunity to sneak away for some alone time here and there in the coming weeks, but this is before Jason gets arrested.

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11. Shiloh’s Trapped

There is some good news on the horizon, though. GH spoilers do indicate that the Dawn of Day cult leader will get wrapped up in his own web, at some point down the line. Perhaps GH fans will finally see this creepy guy get snagged nearing the end of April.

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10. Willow Warned

Despite the fact that Shiloh may get what’s coming, he’ll cause a little more chaos on GH before the month ends. Spoilers suggest that Willow will get a warning of sorts, and it could probably be from Shiloh. She has Chase protecting her, but fans know how dangerous and sneaky the DOD leader can be.

9. Lines Are Crossed

GH spoilers hint that Kristina will continue to alienate her family thanks to Shiloh and the DOD group. She’ll take things a little too far come April, and will cross a huge line that will be hard for her to come back from. She’ll clearly do something to backstab her family in an effort to show her true alliance to the cult, but what could she do that would jeopardize her relationship with them?

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8. Bad News Looming

GH spoilers hint that Drew and Kim will be given some bad news in early April. There’s a good chance that Oscar will suffer another seizure; however, this one will be far worse than anything he’s experienced in the past. Teasers hint that Joss will reach out to Carly at this point in time, so things may not be looking too good for Oscar in the coming weeks.

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7. Jordan Gets Some Updates

GH spoilers for early April indicate that Jordan will receive some pivotal updates on something. Could this be around the Ryan Chamberlain case, as there’s a good chance he’s still alive? This might also have to do with her kidney transplant. Only time will tell, and fans will have to tune in to find out.

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6. Finn’s Bold Move

GH spoilers suggest a bold move will be made by Dr. Hamilton Finn. He’ll ponder it for a bit, which may have fans wondering if this has to do with love interest Anna. Will Port Charles hear some wedding bells soon? Is Finn thinking about taking the next step in his relationship with Devane? The two make a great team!

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5. Anna Helps Peter

Speaking of, Anna will be a tad preoccupied with Peter in the coming weeks. GH spoilers hint that he’ll want some advice, and Devane will be there to help him along. This could have to do with Maxie, and he may turn to Anna for some love counseling on how to move their relationship along.

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4. Maxie Struggles With Her Feelings

Meanwhile, Maxie will wrestle with feelings around love come April. While Lulu believes she and Chet would make a fine couple, Maxie might very well ponder the idea. GH spoilers indicate that Maxie will struggle with matters of the heart in the next coming weeks, which could provide a little bit of an obstacle for Peter.

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3. Gail’s Message

GH spoilers indicate that Gail will offer a message of sorts to Scotty from beyond the grave. The good news is that it’ll be a heartfelt one. Other GH spoilers indicate that Lucy will offer some moral support to someone, so here’s hoping she’ll be there for Scotty if he needs a friend to talk to.

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2. Franco’s Fight

GH spoilers tease that come early April, Franco will be confrontational in a situation. In fact, it seems he will be gearing up for a fight of sorts. Does this have to do with his relationship with Liz? Or could this have to do with Aiden and what he is dealing with at school?

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1. Nina’s Necklace

Valentin’s world is set to come crashing down on him. GH spoilers tease he’ll tell a lie in early April; however, this won’t stop the truth from coming out. As the weeks progress this month, the other half of Nina’s necklace will come into light, which will surely blow Valentin and his scheming out of the water.

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