General Hospital: Spoilers For November 2018

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Thanks to November sweeps, this month typically is a highly-intense one for soap operas across the board, and the land of Port Charles is no exception. What should General Hospital (GH) fans expect in the next four weeks? Tons of adventure, chaos, shocking revelations, and plenty of drama. Learn more about what the next month holds for viewers in the GH spoilers for November 2018.

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12. Ned Is Threatened

GH spoilers for November indicate that Ned will face a threat of some sorts via a strange phone call. With Ryan pushing Laura to enter the Port Charles mayoral race, if Ned backs down, she’d definitely have an easier go at it all. Could Ryan be at the helm of this? It’s a huge possibility.

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11. Terry Opens Up To Elizabeth

Terry turns to Elizabeth early this month, and while GH spoilers do not indicate what is discussed, one can only guess it may be around Oscar and his emancipation petition. Terry may want Oscar to change his mind and give the trial a chance for the sake of his life. Knowing Liz, she’ll lend a great ear to her friend.

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10. Oscar’s New Friends

While Oscar battles to divorce his parents, he seems to have some new friends that are far too eager to support him. It might be nice for him to have some new pals around, but as we can all guess, GH spoilers tease that they aren’t the greatest of influences to have around. It also doesn’t help that he will continue to push Josslyn away.

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9. Josslyn And Cameron

Seems like the more Oscar pushes Joss away, the closer she gets to Cameron, and this trend will continue for most of November. Elizabeth will question Cameron’s motives, as he continues to ‘help’ keep Oscar’s secret, while he develops a deeper bond with Josslyn. Got to love that Port Charles teen drama!

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8. Loyalties Tested

It seems as if most of November will be dedicated to the Oscar divorce angle, with many characters pulled into the storyline that is extending in many different forms. Kim and Alexis will face off, causing many loyalties to be tested. Drew will align with Kim due to the nature of the conflict and will be pitted against his former mother-in-law, Alexis. This might get ugly.

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7. Brad Confides In Britt

As he continues to feel guilty about the Baby Wiley swap, GH spoilers tease that Brad will spill his dirty little secret to BFF Britt in November. Fans know all too well that Britt has plenty of experience when it comes to covering up a baby swap, and while hers dealt with an embryo, maybe she can offer Brad a good shoulder to lean on and some solid advice!

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6. Nelle Causes Trouble From Jail

Thought she was gone for good? Think again! GH November spoilers tease that Nelle will be up to her old tricks this month, causing trouble from prison. Could she threaten Brad or blackmail him? Or is her target still Carly and the rest of the Corinthos family? GH spoilers also tease that Carly will be wrapped up in some legal woes come November, so it wouldn’t be that far-fetched to think this might have something to do with nemesis Nelle.

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5. Jordan And Curtis Wedding On!

GH spoilers hint that Curtis and Jordan will be busy making wedding plans come November, with nuptials slated for American Thanksgiving. Sadly though, it seems that some people close to them will not be attending the ceremony. Does this mean Auntie Stella will refuse to go? Seems like it.

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4. Sonny Shocks

GH November spoilers state that Sonny will surprise many around him. They also state that he will have no other choice but to work with Margaux. Both these spoilers just may be hand-in-hand, as everyone knows how both of these individuals feel about each other. Should make for an interesting month.

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3. Kiki And Griffin

Things are going so beautifully between Griffin and Kiki, so fans know they can expect some trouble on the horizon. GH spoilers tease some conflict between the two lovebirds come November thanks to some outside forces. Who could these ‘outside forces’ be? Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see it just may be Sasha and Ava.

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2. Willow In The Picture

Fans should expect to see more of Willow, Aiden’s teacher, come November. GH spoilers tease that this character will be intertwined within storylines involving Franco, Liz, Lulu, Valentin, Michael, Chase, and others. Speaking of Franco, he’ll receive a surprise of some sorts within the next four weeks.

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1. More Spoilers!

Old feelings will emerge between Nina and Valentin, as she harbors a sense of obligation to him, while Maxie will struggle fiercely with what she is feeling for Peter. Lulu will launch a new investigation, and Ryan will stay on point when it comes to wreaking revenge havoc in Port Charles. Last but not least, JaSam will most likely not officially reunite in November; however, GH spoilers do tease they will continue to get closer.

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