General Hospital: Crazy And Shocking Spoilers For January 2019


The holidays are all but a mere memory at this point, as General Hospital (GH) fans look forward to more drama and adventures in 2019. But, what are viewers to expect for the first month of the new year? Learn more about what will happen to Ava, Lulu, Laura, JaSam, Sonny, Carly, “Kevin” and others with our 12 GH spoilers for January 2019:

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12. Kristina’s Changes

GH spoilers for January tease that Kristina will begin to make changes come earlier on in the month. She’s undoubtedly been highly affected by Daisy and the cult, so what kind of things will she start to alter? Perhaps GH viewers will begin to see more of a change in her personality, as she continues to reject family members. GH spoilers also tease she’ll get more information about her new group of friends, and she’ll discover an underlying link between Valerie and her.

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11. Lulu’s visit

Lulu will pay a visit to Ava, and GH spoilers for January indicate that Ava will be quite affected by their exchange. Ava has had a hard end to 2018 with losing Kiki, and thus becoming an emotional basket case since. Does this mean that there is a chance she could turn a new leaf in 2019? Anything is possible!

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10. Drew, Kim, and Julian

Sadly, Drew and Kim have been spending a ton of time together as of late due to their son Oscar’s ailing condition. GH spoilers for early January indicate that Drew will encourage his ex to spend some time with Julian. Nice gesture, but this won’t last, as GH spoilers reveal that Julian will bow out of Kim’s life as the month progresses, so she can be there for Oscar (and Drew) during this hard time. GH fans may brace themselves for a Julexis reunion, as spoilers indicate that Alexis will be in Julian’s orbit.

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9. Sonny and His Dad

Mike has had a hard go lately when it comes to his new friend Yvonne and her looming husband. What started out as something that might look like a fun (and innocent) romance has turned into a bit of a nightmare for poor Mike. GH January spoilers hint that Sonny will work hard to distract his dad during this difficult time, and Mike’s decline will play a toll on Carly and Sonny’s relationship.

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8. Drew And Curtis

GH spoilers for January tease that Drew will confide in his friend at some point this month. Could he be talking about his feelings for a lady friend, or perhaps letting his pal know about the flash drive? Either way, Drew will turn to Curtis this month for support and to lend an ear. GH spoilers also tease a mystery man pops up in Port Charles from Drew’s past to add some insight, so viewers need to stay tuned.

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7. Jordan Turns To Curtis

Jordan (and Chase) are hot on the trails, trying to figure out who is going on a killing spree in Port Charles. GH January spoilers state that she’ll turn to her new hubby this month for some help. Could it deal with the murder mystery she has on her hands? This is a strong possibly, as the murders have left her and Chase scratching their heads. Plus, Curtis can be quite handy when it comes to finding information on things. Regardless, GH spoilers tease that the couple will find themselves consumed in this case come January.

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6. Lulu’s Event

Parties in the land of Port Charles can be fun, but they can also be filled with drama! GH fans need to gear for a good one, as January spoilers tease that Lulu will be organizing an event at Charlie’s earlier on in the month. Here’s hoping “Kevin” isn’t invited, as someone may turn up dead when all is said and done!

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5. Changes In “Kevin”

Speaking of, GH spoilers indicate that Ryan may calm himself a bit when it comes to impersonating his brother Kevin. People around him are noticing a huge change, and seems as if Ryan just may take note of it. GH spoilers for January indicate that Laura will be moved by the support she receives from her “ex.” Ryan is clearly up to no good, so here’s hoping Laura isn’t his next victim. Still, it’s important to note, GH spoilers have indicated that Ryan will strike again this month.

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4. Tribute Episode To Gail Baldwin

Scott will reveal that his mom Gail has passed away, and actress Lynn Herring will return to Port Charles to reprise her Lucy Coe role for a tribute episode to air in early January to honor Gail and the actress who played her, Susan Brown. In other related GH spoilers, Gail’s will has been said to have a big impact on the hospital.

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3. JaSam Reunion

It seems that January spoilers indicate that Sam and Jason are headed for a reunion come early 2019; however, they also indicate that some obstacles may get in their way. In other GH spoilers for January, a shocking connection to Margaux is discovered. Could this place her in CarSon’s orbit, or could she be the reason that JaSam won’t be able to reunite?

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2. Anna’s World

GH spoilers tease that a surprising occurrence for Anna will cause a little chaos between her and Finn, as well as other characters. In other January spoilers for Anna, she’ll be pulled closer to Peter. Having said that, Maxie and Peter will also get a little closer come January.

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1. More Spoilers!

Griffin will continue to struggle with Kiki’s death, coping in a dangerous way. GH spoilers for January also indicate that some old feelings are re-ignited between Marcus and Stella, while Cassandra’s disappearance is still remembered, and will hover over Port Charles in January. Lastly, Nina’s daughter could still be out there to find, and Willow will feel an emotional pull between Baby Wiley, Chase, and Michael.

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