General Hospital: Crazy And Shocking Spoilers For Christmas 2018


It’s the most wonderful time of the year in Port Charles! As residents trim their trees, bake holiday goodies, and exchange presents, they’ll also be stirring up the drama, adventure, and romance! Learn more about your favorite General Hospital (GH) characters and storylines within the next couple of weeks in these 12 Christmas 2018 spoilers for GH.

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12. Emma Returns!

GH fans last saw Robin’s cute and feisty daughter Emma this past May when she helped her grandma Anna, along with grandpa Robert (and Jason Morgan) on a spy adventure to Europe. Emma will return to Port Charles during the holiday season to spend some quality time with Anna Devane.

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11. GH Christmas Eve Special

Fans should note that GH plans to air an episode from Port Charles’ Christmas past on Monday, December 24 (Christmas Eve). The show originally aired on December 23, 2005, and will certainly bring on some nostalgic holiday feelings for long-term fans of the soap opera. It’s a must-see for any avid GH viewers, so set those PVRs if you won’t be at home.

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10. Christmas Break

While some soap operas still continue to air fresh, new episodes on Christmas day thanks to pre-taped episodes and filming schedules, GH fans should note that the daytime drama will not be seen on December 25th. The reason is due to sports programming taking place on the network come Christmas Day. No need to fret though, the show resumes regular programming on Wednesday, December 26th.

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9. Ryan and Kevin

The warm and fuzzy holiday feeling won’t get the best of evil Ryan. GH spoilers indicate that he’ll continue his torment tirade on brother Kevin during the holidays. There does seem like a glimmer of hope that Laura might catch on to what Ryan is up too, but not before the holiday season is through.

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8. Lulu’s Findings

Lulu and Laura will get together this holiday season, and it won’t be just to celebrate Christmas or New Year’s. The two will chat about Lulu’s findings, so here’s hoping she can help her mom get to the bottom of all this Kevin/Ryan business. Laura is on to something, it’s just a matter of time.

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7. Laura Reaches Out

GH spoilers indicate that Laura will reach out to old friend Felicia during the holidays. Everyone is fully aware of Felicia’s old connection to Ryan, and how he stalked the beauty when they both were younger. Laura is looking for some help during the holidays, and Felicia will be the lady she calls upon.

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6. Kevin Surprised

Speaking of, GH spoilers indicate that Kevin will get a surprising visit from someone that is unwanted. Could be brother Ryan, or even someone else that may have fallen off the radar. Either way, it seems as if poor Kevin won’t be in the mood to socialize given the conditions he is living in.

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5. Julian’s Christmas

GH spoilers indicate that Julian will celebrate Christmas after the big event, but does this mean he’ll be alone for the big day, or that family will gather on the 26th versus the 25th? Hard to say, but here’s hoping that Julian gets some good family bonding time before the holidays are over.

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4. Grieving Griffin

It’s going to be a blue Christmas for Griffin this year, as he continues to grief over the death of girlfriend Kiki. In fact, GH spoilers tease that he’ll struggle with how he feels. While everyone is enjoying holiday memories with loved ones, Griffin will be missing Kiki and feeling alone.

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3. Chase and Willow

For GH fans rooting for this couple, spoilers tease that Chase and Willow will go out on a date during the holidays, somewhere between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Will this festive time of year spark some romantic feelings for the two? That’s the direction these two seem to be heading.

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2. Michael’s Plus One

Meanwhile, will Michael be left in the dust? As Willow and Chase go out on their date, GH spoilers also hint that Michael will be headed to a charity gala on his own. No plus one to join him? Sadly, doesn’t seem so. Here’s hoping Michael can find some romance come 2019.

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1. The Past

GH spoilers indicate that as the new year approaches, Kim will reminisce about the past. Will she re-live moments with Oscar as a young child, wishing his illness away, or does this have to do with the romance she once shared with Drew? It’s undeniable that the parents have gotten a little closer due to Oscar’s condition, but will this push them to reunite? Only time will tell!

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