General Hospital: Spoilers For October 2018

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October can be a chilly and crisp month is some areas, as everyone looks forward to harvest time and the spookiness of Halloween. When it comes to the land of daytime drama, it seems that things will only heat up with some potentially scary moments in between. Below are 13 crazy and shocking General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the month of October 2018.

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13. Oscar Goes Reckless

With Oscar recently learning the truth about his condition from Cam, GH spoilers say that he’ll start to unleash some recklessness in October, leaving his mom Kim reeling. It’s clear that not only will Oscar be upset about the cards that fate has dealt him, but it is also very likely he’ll be mad at his parents for keeping it from him for so long.

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12. Oscar Withdraws From Drew

Speaking of, GH spoilers hint that Oscar will keep daddy Drew at bay. It makes no wonder, after all, not only will he be dealing with a ton of emotions around his brain tumor, but also the fact that Drew didn’t tell him. Here’s hoping that the two can patch things up before Oscar’s condition progresses.

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11. Josslyn Learns The Truth

In all this Oscar chaos, it seems like girlfriend Josslyn will also learn the truth about his medical condition. GH spoilers hint that she’ll be devastated, which is completely understandable. Mom Carly will be by her side to comfort her daughter during this very hard time in the teen’s life.

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10. Cameron Is Stuck In The Middle

Cameron will feel like he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place next month. He was the one who blew the whistle to Oscar about his brain tumor, so not sure anyone will really sympathize with him on this one. Having said that, GH spoilers also indicate that Cameron will be up to his old tricks in October, refusing to cover for Oscar when he is asked to lie for him.

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9. Kiki … Do You Love Me?

If Griffin is asking that question, then the answer may very well be ‘yes’. GH spoilers tease that Kiki will be ready to toss friendship aside with Griffin come October, and dive into a bona fide relationship. She’ll step up her flirt game with the handsome doctor. These two could make an incredible Port Charles super couple.

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8. Ava Gets It From All Directions

Speaking of Kiki and Griffin, Ava will have a hard October. Not only will she get chastised by her ‘daughter’, but she’ll have a stand-off with Sonny where Jerome loses. In fact, GH spoilers indicate that the mob boss will not hold back any punches and finally put Ava in her place. That’s something many would love to see!

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7. Kristina Supports

GH spoilers hint that Kristina Corinthos will be there to support someone who really needs her sometime in October. With Parker out of the equation, could it be Valerie? Kristina needs a good love story right now, and there is a very good chance that Valerie might be the one she helps comfort next month.

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6. Nina’s Shocked

Seems like Nina will face a shocking revelation come October, and GH spoilers indicate she’ll think out her next move. She will want to do the right thing, but she won’t be entirely sure of what that next move should be. Seems like Kiki might be Nina’s bio daughter as arrows are pointing to this. Could this be what shocks Nina next month? Might be.

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5. Maxie Feels It

GH spoilers tease that Maxie will pick up Nina’s weird vibes, and demand some answers about why she is acting so strangely. These two women have become incredibly close since Nathan’s death, but will Nina open up to Maxie about something so big? Only time will tell. The truth will eventually come out, and maybe Maxie can help Nina cope with all this new information.

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4. Bad News For Margaux

GH spoilers for October indicate that Margaux will get some bad news from Jordan. With these two hot on Sonny’s heels, perhaps their investigation will hit a brick wall where Jordan feels there is no use to further push the issue. This may offer a huge source of comfort for Sonny, who seems to have a lot on his plate next month.

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3. Laura’s Return?

With the Kevin/Ryan twin storyline heating up and Genie Francis returning to GH, there is a very good chance that Laura will come back to Port Charles sometime in October. It’s clear that Ryan has some unfinished business in town and it only makes sense to bring Kevin’s wife back into the picture.

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2. Sam’s Admittance

GH spoilers hint that Sam will be forced into admitting her reservations about something come October. Could this have to do with Jason, Drew, or even someone in her family? In typical Sam fashion, she’ll bounce back from this, guns blazing, and do something very bold. If its something bold, it may have to do with finally re-connecting with Jason!

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1. More Spoilers!

Julian will agree to back off a situation, and this may have to do with this his involvement in Brad’s baby-switch scheme. Other GH spoilers for October indicate that Monica will provide some support, which undeniably has to do with Drew and what he’s dealing with around Oscar. Lastly, Maxie will be skeptical; could this be around Nina or the working relationship forming between Peter and Lulu?

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