General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (September 10, 2018)


Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! Wondering what is on tap this week for your favorite soap? Some romance, a little intrigue, and plenty of drama! Learn about what will happen to Maxie, Valentin, Nina, Drew, Sam, and others in the GH spoilers for the week of September 10, 2018.

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10. Maxie Deals With Mixed Feelings

GH spoilers indicate that Maxie with have to deal with some mixed feelings this week, and could it very well be around Lulu and Peter working together. Or, is it about her unsettled feelings for Peter himself? Hard to tell, but one thing is for sure — this storyline is getting good.

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9. Maxie Warns

Or could her mixed feelings be about Nina? GH spoilers also hint that Maxie will provide a warning of some sort to someone. With that box from Madeline’s attorneys, Nina may get some information about her daughter; however, knowing Maxie, she may not want her friend to get her hopes too high, which is where the warning comes into play. Having said that, Nina has always been desperate to have children, and the idea of one out there lingering has to be big for her.

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8. Valentin Is Given News

Speaking of Nina’s daughter, Curtis is set to give Valentin some news this week. GH spoilers say that he’ll provide Valentin with the information from Carter Buckley, the adoption lawyer that was used by Madeline. This won’t be enough to find Nina’s daughter, but it is a step in the right direction and a huge lead in the case.

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7. Michael Struggles

Michael will continue to struggle this week. GH spoilers tease that an incident will place a huge shadow over him and remind Michael of his current losses. It seems that Carly will be upset that day as well, so fans can expect her to go full-on mama bear mode to protect her son. It appears she may lash out at the person who had made Michael feel so bad.

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6. Mike Has Another Meltdown

Sadly, the Corinthos clan are in for a hard week. GH spoilers indicate that Mike will suffer another meltdown. While Sonny will be scrambling to help his dad, he’ll have to deal with some issues in the aftermath. It seems those secrets he has will create further confrontation at some point.

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5. Dream Spend Some Time Together

Drew will lean on Sam this week, as the two spend some time together. This is not a Dream reunion of any sorts (JaSam fans can breathe a sigh of relief); however, I’m sure Drew’s ex will be a source of comfort for him as he deals with the aftermath of Oscar’s illness.

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4. Chase Makes A Shocking Find

GH spoilers hint that Chase will make a shocking discovery. Could this be about his brother Finn? Or maybe Cassandra? It may also have something to do with Michael. This new GH character has certainly gotten nice and settled in Port Charles, so it’ll be interesting to see what this surprising find is all about.

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3. Teen Drama

Someone should’ve warned Elizabeth about the teen years! Cameron will continue to be a thorn in his mother’s side, working her last good nerve this week. Don’t they all? In all seriousness, the troublesome teen might be a little bad karma for Liz, as she wasn’t exactly an angel as a teenager.

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2. Margaux Eases Up

GH spoilers tease that Margaux lets her guard down this week. Having said that, seeing all she’s hiding, this may not be a good thing for her. Regardless, it seems Margaux will share some things with Drew and open up to him. Does this mean that she’ll spill the beans about the flash drive? Most likely not, as that is sure to stay hidden for a while longer. In other Margaux spoilers, she and Jordan will come together to iron out a game plan this week.

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1. Monica Causes Chaos

Poor Monica! It seems she’ll have some good intentions around something that will end in disaster. Could this involve Michael and what he is dealing with, or perhaps Griffin? It seems whatever Monica ends up doing, it was done with a good heart, so here’s hoping the outcome isn’t too bad.

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