General Hospital: Crazy Plotline Predictions For Winter 2019


Port Charles is experiencing some cold temperatures and snowy storms right now; however, the romance, adventure, and drama will keep residents toasty and warm! Wonder what will happen in the next few weeks as we all wait for spring to arrive? Below are 12 General Hospital (GH) plot predictions for winter 2019.

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12. Dawn of Day Storyline

This one is heating up, with Kristina falling deeper and deeper into cult life, and JaSam hot on Shiloh’s trails. While fans are enjoying JaSam’s official reunion, the super couple will have to be careful to not reveal they are together to nab Shiloh. It’s hard not to predict that danger is on the horizon for Sam and Kristina, as Shiloh seems to be a creepy character.

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11. Kristina Will Choose DOD

Kristina seems quite smitten with her new “family” and, as the winter progresses, there’s a good chance she’ll have to choose between her mom and sisters OR DOD. Kristina’s personality is slowly shifting, and it seems that if push came to shove, she’d choose the cult over the Davis clan.

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10. Ryan/Kevin Twin Switch Storyline

While some are starting to notice a change in “Kevin,” no one has uncovered the truth about Ryan. He did target Lulu recently, but he wasn’t able to get the job done and she’s still alive. As she recovers, there’s a good chance Ryan and his murders will be exposed; however, he is most likely to likely strike again before this happens. Who will his next victim be?

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9. Ryan Continues To Wreak Havoc

Ryan seems to have Carly and Sonny on his list of potential victims, yet it is unlikely that he will ax two of the most pivotal characters on the GH right now. GH February spoilers indicate that Franco and “Kevin” will share storylines, so it doesn’t seem far fetched that Baldwin could be the next to go. Spoilers also indicate that Liz will lean on Scott, Franco’s dad, which could indicate that something bad will happen to her boyfriend.

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8. Ryan Is Revealed

It’s undeniable that this storyline is intriguing; however, by spring, Ryan should get caught. Too many factors are in play, with both Lucy and Laura, as well as CarSon, raising an eyebrow or two when it comes to “Kevin’s” behavior. All great twin-switch storylines must come to an end, and there is a huge possibility that Ryan’s true intent will be revealed by the time spring has sprung.

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7. Mike’s Decline

GH spoilers indicate that Mike will continue to decline in the next few weeks. This will either place a huge strain on CarSon or bring them closer together. With Margaux nipping at Sonny’s heels, there is a huge possibility that the first will occur, placing a wedge between this super couple in the following months.

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6. Budding Bromance Alert

Robert Scorpio is back in Port Charles, and GH spoilers indicate that he and Finn will try and uncover the mystery behind Anna’s new illness. Do fans see a budding bromance on the horizon between Scorpio and the good doctor? Seems so, as these two will have to work together to help Anna. Yes, Robert is her ex, but he’s also one of her closest friends and only wants her to be happy. Looks like Finn could soon become a good friend of Robert’s as well.

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5. Kim/Drew/Julian Love Triangle

The sick teen is not getting any better, and it seems as if his condition is bringing his parents closer together. While Drew will be nervous about what he’s feeling for Kim, GH spoilers indicate that she’ll feel caught between both Julian and Drew. As the winter progresses, it seems that Julian will most likely fall off Kim’s radar, opening a reunion door for her and Drew.

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4. Julian and Alexis

With Kim and Julian a thing of the past, could this open up a door for a Julexis reunion? Anything is possible and these two haven’t fully (ever) gotten over each other. Julian is far more reformed now since the days following the Julexis breakup, so if they were to reconcile, they may be more successful at a relationship then they were before.

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3. Nina’s Real Daughter

GH fans know that her real daughter’s out there, and with Valentin and Nina reuniting, the truth is bound to bubble to the surface at some point before spring hits. If this does happen, this could mean the end of their “happily ever after” status for good. Valentin manipulated his way back into Nina’s heart, and while it shows that he loves her, it also reveals his true colors.

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2. Willow, Chase, and Michael

Things between Willow and Chase are heating up, but Michael is also lurking in the shadows and would make an excellent boyfriend for the new Port Charles beauty. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that this love triangle will continue to keep things complicated for all three characters, as feelings heighten and secrets are exposed.

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1. The Truth About Baby Wiley

Speaking of the truth being exposed, will winter be the season where Michael finds out the truth about Wiley? Should be, as it seems this storyline has been dragged out enough at this point! But, if soap opera history dictates anything, the truth being revealed might take more time. Perhaps closer to the baby’s first birthday. Brad better gear up for his world to be turned upside down.

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