Teen Mom 2: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kailyn Lowry


Teen Mom 2 is still going strong with its seventh season in full swing, and one thing is for sure, a lot has changed for the show’s stars since they first appeared on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant in 2010 and began sharing their stories with audiences. One of the stars who has gone through the most changes is without a doubt, Kailyn Lowry-Marroquin. With no help from her own parents, and a nasty breakup with her son Isaac’s father Jo, her story has been a journey of relying only on herself and learning to trust others, including her now husband Javi-Marroquin. She has been extremely open about every facet of her life for the six years she has been documented, but as fans know she is still a very private person in many regards. Check out 10 things you didn’t know about Kailyn Lowry!

10. Schooling

Fans of the series know that while many of the stars had plans to go to college or even went, it has been a struggle for them to complete their degrees as they deal with parenting, starring in a reality series and doing promotions for their books and show. Although at one time Kailyn was going through to get the certification to become a dental assistant, she decided to aim for a new career and returned to Delaware State University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in TV, Radio and Film and Communications. She is currently still working through her courses and balancing her hectic life, but hopes to complete the degree soon!

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9. Childhood

Right from the beginning it was clear that Kailyn did not have the most stable upbringing, and has noted that as a child she was forced to move around quite a bit which she has said took a toll on her at a young age.

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8. Isaac’s Health Issues

Although fans have been following Kailyn’s story since her first son, Isaac’s birth in 2010, it wasn’t until she released her book Pride Over Pity did they find out about some scary health issues Isaac dealt with as an infant. As it turns out when he was just a baby he suffered from seizures which have fortunately subsided now.

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7. Net Worth

Kailyn Lowry has a listed net worth of $25,000, but over recent seasons of the show, it has become quite clear to fans that the star’s are getting a pretty penny for the show. Kailyn and Javi bought a very nice, large house in Delaware and are always driving high-end new vehicles, and it was just recently revealed that the Teen Mom 2 stars earned $250,000 for season six and were negotiating for closer to $300,000 for the current season. Along with this income for both Kailyn and Javi, Javi has a career in the military which means they are doing quite well for themselves.

6. Javi Drama

Due to trust issues as well as a strong defensive wall she puts up, fans have seen Kailyn get in some pretty serious fights with both her ex Jo Rivera and husband Javi Marroquin, and although she and Javi went to therapy and contend they are not divorcing, they have come close a couple of times. Now, it seems they are on the rocks again after Javi shared Instagram photos with a gal pal while he was across the world for work and the two have been sharing cryptic tweets about the state of the marriage and in early April even unfollowed each other’s social media accounts. Recently, Javi posted a tweet suggesting he had sent a snapchat of himself in his underwear and when asked about it, Kailyn responded in a now deleted tweet saying, “Borderline inappropriate but it is what it is.”

5. Her Own Health Issues

In 2010, shortly after Isaac was born Kailyn was diagnosed as being bipolar because of depression, stress and anxiety and attitude changes she experienced; however, in an episode of The Doctors just last year, she found out she had been misdiagnosed. It turns out Kailyn is not bipolar, but was diagnosed with an “unspecifed” but “less severe” disorder.

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4. Her Book

Along with her autobiography Pride Over Pity, which became a New York Times bestseller, the Teen Mom 2 star branched out and wrote her first children’s book, Love Is Bubblegum. While she was very excited and proud of her work, unfortunately before it even came out she was faced with harsh criticism from fans of the show that stated that she was too young and naive to know what love is, and also pointed to her constant fighting and treatment of her husband Javi suggest she obviously doesn’t know what love is.

Signing books at home! Isaac is so pumped that he inspired this book and to see himself in it! #loveisbubblegum

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3. Abortion

In season seven of Teen Mom 2, Kailyn reveals she suffered an emotional miscarriage with her husband Javi; however, in her autobiography, Kailyn shared extremely sad insight into her previous traumatic experiences which included rape and an abortion. She documented the first time she had sex, which was when she was only in the eighth grade, and it was outside on the sidewalk, writing, “I was too young to understand that I wasn’t ready, physically or emotionally, for sex.” She then revealed her sexual experiences only got more traumatizing as she wrote that in the ninth grade she was raped by a new boyfriend when they were alone in his house. “Toby wouldn’t take no for an answer. I didn’t want to sleep with [him], but he persisted.” She noted she asked him to wear a condom but he ignored the request and a few weeks later discovered she was pregnant at 15, and after telling her troubled mother, Suzi, she was adamant that Kailyn have an abortion which she underwent on her 16th birthday. When she again became pregnant at 17 with Isaac she knew she couldn’t go through another abortion. “The experience had been so horrific for me that I couldn’t really bear to consider it as an option again.”

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2. Her Mother

In the middle of the first season Teen Mom 2 fans were introduced to Kailyn’s mother, Suzi, and quickly learned she was not a responsible mother and often flitted in and out of Kailyn and Isaac’s lives, something Kailyn had dealt with her entire life. Suzi has for a longtime struggled with addiction and alcoholism and in Pride Over Pity, Kailyn documented how she would be dropped off at a friend’s house and not hear from her mom for days on end and had to defend her mom’s absence to school teachers and counselors and even had her mom show up to her school drunk once. She also contributes her battle with eating disorders partly to her mother’s treatment of her as she used to call Kailyn “Chunky Monkey.”

1. Teenage Years

Due to her unstable home life, school was not an easy time for Kailyn and she admits she started smoking pot, and was quite aggressive towards her peers. “Smoking pot became the hobby I’d never had as a little girl. It made me feel like I was part of a group. But it didn’t take away the hurt or fury I was holding onto.” One of her encounters with a classmate even landed her a ten day suspension from school, and as mentioned she also struggled with self confidence and became ashamed of her 5’8″ frame compared to her petite high school classmates. As a result, she battled anorexia and bulimia and, although she got healthy when she became pregnant with Isaac, the hurtful comments and critcism she received on her appearance after Teen Mom 2 aired led to her falling back into unhealthy cycles. “I stopped eating or opted for minimal items. I’d chew a piece of gum that’s only five calories. I’d drink water to fill up my stomach.” Although she once again got herself to a healthier place, she recently underwent plastic surgery which included liposuction to pull in her waistline.