Things You Might Not About Chelsea Houska And Cole DeBoer’s Relationship

For almost seven years, Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska has welcomed fans into her life as she went from appearing on one episode of MTV’s 16 & Pregnant, to a star of the hugely successful and popular spin-off Teen Mom 2. Over this time fans have watched her grow into one of the most responsible and level-headed young moms on the show. She rarely ever focuses on her romantic life and instead focuses on her daughter, Aubree, and building her own career. Now, her life is coming together with the seemingly perfect man, Cole DeBoer. With another baby on the way, check out 8 things you never knew about the adorable pair!

8. How They Met

Fans who had been following Chelsea’s story knew that she only sometimes talked about dating again, and once tried speed dating with one of her friends, but that didn’t go well. So, the introduction of Cole was sort of surprising because no one was sure where he came from, and as it turns out, it was nothing but an old-fashioned run-in as strangers, with some help from social media. The pair first saw each other at a local gas station. “He was across from me at the other pump,” Houska revealed in July 2015 after being with DeBoer for almost a year. “And I looked, and he was staring at me. We didn’t even talk. We just kept looking at each other because we’re both shy. And then we were passing each other when we left because we lived out towards the same way.” She added that she thought that would be the last of it. “I went home to my friend and I was like, ‘I just saw the guy I’m going to marry at the gas station, but we didn’t talk. And a few days later, he contacted me on social media and was like, ‘Hi, I got gas next to you the other day.’ And I was like, ‘Thank you, Jesus.'”

7. First Real Relationship

When Cole began dating Chelsea, it came with more than many other young twenty-somethings have to deal with when they start a relationship. The biggest part of Chelsea’s life is her daughter Aubree. Meanwhile she is also a reality TV star, but Cole handled it all in stride, and surprisingly Chelsea revealed she is his first real girlfriend. Apparently he was just looking for the right one because Cole is not only a great fiance, but an awesome step-dad. “Honestly, there’s just no one that I’ve met that’s so respectful and just nice and I trust him, which is a big deal, because it’s hard for me to trust people or guys, mostly. And he’s so sweet, kind of like old-fashioned gentleman type of guy,” Chelsea gushed.

6. The Engagement

As it turns out, Cole is very romantic as well, if his proposal to Chelsea is any indication. “He was acting weird. He was acting so weird. He took me to this spot he likes out in the woods, and he had me come out there. There was a whole bunch of trees and there were pictures of us three nailed up there. I seriously covered my eyes and I was like, ‘Holy s–t, is this really happening?!'” He of course made sure to incorporate Aubree into the picture perfect proposal!

5. Private

In season six of Teen Mom 2, Chelsea finally introduced viewers to Cole after months of sharing photos of her new beau on Instagram. Oddly, while Cole was sometimes present when Chelsea was filming, he wasn’t in the shot much and spoke very rarely, and Chelsea explained it was his choice. He had no problem making appearances on the show, but did not want to be a star. As he became a bigger part of Chelsea’s life and moved in together, however, Cole had to make a deal with MTV because it was too difficult to avoid filming Chelsea and the important things in her life without him.

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4. Teen Mom Friends

Over the years, the girls of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 have struck up relationships of some sort, and thanks to events and specials, some have even become good friends away from filming. It surprised many fans when Chelsea revealed she and Cole are good friends with Jeremy Calvert, who is of course the second ex-husband of Chelsea’s Teen Mom 2 co-star Leah Messer. The friendship was revealed when both Jeremy and Chelsea posted photos of a BBQ they had while Jeremy was in South Dakota for work.

3. Cole and Randy = BFFs

Randy Houska has become a star in his own right on Teen Mom 2 as a constant in Chelsea’s life who is always there to support and guide her. Fans of Chelsea and Teen Mom 2 are well aware that Randy never has been nor ever will be a fan of Chelsea’s ex and Aubree’s father Adam Lind. When it comes to Cole, however, Randy is his biggest fan. Randy is extremely happy about their upcoming wedding and baby on the way and tweeted out, “Keep bringin’em on #deboerbaby.” In an interview on a podcast, Randy even opened up about the first time he met Cole. “I’ll tell you how I knew he was a good dude. The first time I met him, she brought him here to this cabin,” he began his story. “She brought him here and I met him, and there is this tiny hole in the wall bar/gas station/restaurant/whatever, and uh we went there and that’s where all the locals hang out, and we sat up there, and we might of got drunk.” Randy explained that it was actually a good first impression. however. “I think he was just kind of nervous. You know he got kind of drunk, but the drunker he got the nicer he was to her so I figured, that’s a pretty good test instead of being an a–.”

My 2 favorite guys!

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2. Wedding Plans

It has been rumored for a little while now that Chelsea is pretty much done with having her life filmed and would like to just carry on with her life and family with Cole in private. The first indication of this was her surprising decision to not have MTV cameras present for her engagment and confirmed she wants them nowhere near her wedding. On the Teen Mom 2 season 7 reunion, Chelsea confirmed she didn’t want it filmed and in an interview revealed MTV wasn’t happy about the decision and that they weren’t there for the engagement. “I don’t think they were super happy that they missed it. They would’ve liked to be there. They’re like, ‘We’re supposed to have access,’ I’m like, ‘I didn’t know he was gonna do it!'” She added, “Our wedding is just something so personal and we’re having a small intimate wedding and it just didn’t feel right just for us to have it aired to millions of people. Even though I appreciate the support and I’m so grateful for everyone who is so happy for us, people will be able to see the planning and pictures and stuff like that so I’m not leaving them with nothing.” The two married in October 2016, but paused their celebration until after their son Watson was born and held a reception a year later in 2017.

I am blessed being @chelseahouska date at this wonderful wedding. Soon I get to call her my beautiful wife!!

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1. Adam vs. Cole

It definitely seems that Chelsea’s ex Adam Lind, and her fiance Cole DeBoer have had limited interactions with each other, but that hasn’t stopped Adam from commenting on his daughter’s soon to be stepdad. On the Teen Mom 2 reunion special, many fans were wondering why Cole DeBoer wasn’t there when all of the fathers on the show were grouped together. Adam quickly replied to one fan, “because Cole isn’t a father.” In one episode of the show Adam stated, “I know Chelsea’s already trying to fill Aubree’s head with ‘Cole’s going to be your new Dad’ type of thing. I’ve seen it and I’ve heard about it.” He continued, “that’s one key part of parenting that you should never do like, ‘this is your new father,’ you don’t ever freaking do that, that’s terrible.” Regardless, the two have been pitted against each other has Chelsea always exclaims how happy she is that Aubree finally has a responsible male father-figure, and when things escalated at Aubree’s father-daughter dance at school, Cole stepped when Adam didn’t show up. Now, Adam is accusing Cole, Chelsea, and Randy of creating anonymous “hate pages” to talk trash about him.

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