Teen Mom 2: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jenelle Evans

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Jenelle Evans has been one of the most controversial figures on MTV since appearing on 16 and Pregnant in February 2010 after giving birth to her son Jace Evans in August 2009 when she was just 17 years old. After the show, she was selected as one of the four to star in the hit spin-off series Teen Mom 2 which had already seen major success with Teen Mom OG. Evans has gone through a lot on-camera since her life began being documented for viewers and she has gone through perhaps the most ups and downs of any of the Teen Mom stars. She doesn’t seem to hide anything when she is being filmed, but there is still a lot not known about the young star. Check out 10 things you didn’t know about Teen Mom 2′s Jenelle Evans!

10. Childhood

Over the years, fans of Teen Mom 2 have seen Jenelle’s difficult and tumultuous relationship with her mother Barbara play out again and again; however, her childhood and her father, Robert Evans, remained largely not spoken about. In early February 2016, however, Jenelle launched her new website/blog and in her very first post opened up about her father. She noted that her parents were together until she was 5 0r 6, but they were always fighting both verbally and physically and, although she was close to her father, he quickly disappeared from their lives. Barbara then opened up about Jenelle’s father stating he basically just abandoned them. “Our house burned down in 2000. We lived in a hotel for six months. Me and my three kids had to live at the Marriott Residence Inn in Scrantion. My ex-husband did not offer my kids a pair of underwear, didn’t offer clothes, didn’t offer us dinner, didn’t offer us a place to stay. When we had that fire, and he didn’t offer my kids anything, not a meal, not a sandwich, not a crumb of food, or clothes, that says it all right there.”

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9. David Eason

Season 7 of Teen Mom 2 will introduce fans to Jenelle Evans’ latest boyfriend, David Eason, and while fans only hope for the best for the recovering reality star, it seems she certainly has a type. Eason and Jenelle seem very in love, but fans have watched the same cycle time and time again with Jenelle, as the relationship quickly turns into shouting matches, crying and sometimes even physical altercations. As it turns out, Eason has quite the criminal record behind him as well with charges including obtaining property by false pretences, possession of drug paraphernalia, breaking and entering, larceny, and damaging property, He is also a single parent and has one son an done daughter who he often posts pictures of during his time with them on Instagram.

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8. Jail Time

Over the years, it has been hard keeping all of Jenelle Evans’ arrests, charges and jail time straight. Her latest run-in with the law came in August 2015 after she allegedly threw a glass at Nathan Griffith’s new girlfriend, resulting in her 16th mug shot. Her first arrest came in October 15, 2010, a year after Jace’s birth when she and her then boyfriend Kieffer Delp were arrested for breaking and entering and drug possession. She was then arrested twice in 2011, once for the now infamous brawl on her front yard with Brittany Truett. 2012 then saw four arrests for the Teen Mom 2 star two of which included threatening her ex roommate and violating the protection order in place. 2013 included three arrests which were some of the worst as they included heroin possession and intent to sell. Then 2015 saw three more arrests, including driving without a license, first degree domestic violence after fighting with Nathan and the previous mentioned altercation with Nathan’s girlfriend Jessica Henry.

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7. Second Pregnancy

Before season five of Teen Mom 2 premiered it was reported that Jenelle had suffered an emotional miscarriage with her then husband Courtland Rogers; however, in the season, Jenelle told the real story. When cameras weren’t rolling Courtland and Jenelle had been arrested and split after a dangerous and volatile relationship and, after her time in jail, Jenelle decided to move in with her mom to hopefully straighten her life out. After discussing her shocking and regretabale marriage to Courtland, Jenelle then revealed she was pregnant with his baby. Jenelle then made the decision to have an abortion, revealing it wasn’t a miscarriage she suffered. She shared her entire story on the season of Teen Mom 2 which was a huge moment for the show.

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6. Social Media Feuds

As one of the most controversial stars on the show with her penchant for real-life altercations, it isn’t surprised she has gotten into quite a few social media feuds. To date she has seemingly feuded with both Kailyn Lowry and Chelsea Houska from her season of Teen Mom 2, and has also fought with Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham from Teen Mom OG online. Unsurprisingly her feud with equally controversial star Farrah Abraham was the most entertaining, but her feud with Amber was the most interesting. The two got into a now deleted spat aftera follower commented on the fact Amber’s current fiancé Matt Baier tried to hook up with Jenelle via twitter first. Jenelle replied with “ew no!” which seemingly offended Amber, but the truth of the matter is Matt did incessantly hit on Jenelle before turning to making fun of her and bullying her online after ignoring him.

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5. Custody

As of right now, Jenelle still does not have custody of Jace, who will soon be seven, but she does have full rights to her 18-month-old son, Kaiser, with Nathan Griffith. It seems the two are already using their son as a pawn to get back at each other, and although she has full rights as of now, there are hints that Nathan will go after custody and use Jenelle’s violent past both with him and recently with his girlfriend to make it seem it unsafe for Kaiser to be with his mom.

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4. Net Worth

Just recently MTV has decided to make the producers, and cameramen a part of the show, which is a big shift for Teen Mom, after it was very clear that for the first few seasons the stars were supposed to make everything seem as though there was no one else there. It was also clear they were not supposed to discuss Teen Mom in terms of their income and being paid for being on the show, but that too has changed and fans are very interested in just how much these women get paid. Evans has a listed net worth of $30,000, but just recently her co-star Chelsea Houska’s ex Adam Lind went on a rant against the show and MTV where he exposed salaries and confirmed that the stars including Chelsea and Jenelle made $250,000 for season six, and added they had negotiated new contracts for newer seasons in the area of $300,000 per season. This explains Jenelle’s ability to buy houses and cars frequently with absolutely no inkling of having a job outside of the show.

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3. Jace’s Dad

Not much was heard about Jenelle’s son’s father until season three of Teen Mom 2. Near the end of the season, Jace’s father, Andrew Lewis contacted Jenelle, and it was then she revealed she wasn’t even sure Lewis was the father because around the same time she got pregnant she also hooked up with a friend at a party. Lewis ended up taking a paternity test after questioning if Jace was his as well, and claimed he was going to visit and pay child support. Although Lewis has seemingly disappared into thin air after those declarations, Jenelle revealed in late 2015 that she occasionally still gets calls from Andrew. “He contacted me about two months ago, and it was a drunk message at 3 in the morning. It was crazy. It was random stuff like, ‘You won’t let me see Jace. This is no fair.'” So much baby daddy drama for Jenelle!

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2. Plastic Surgery

A few years ago, Jenelle went through her first plastic surgery process when she decided to get breast implants and have her decision and recovery documented on the show. As it turns out, since she has had temporary Juvederm lip injections and was set to have her chin bone shaved down, she backed out. “When I heard how extensive that surgery is, and how he told me I’d have to get a CT scan, and X-rays and the whole nine yards, every single detail, every bone in my jaw, I was like, ‘I don’t want to do this.'”

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1. Nathan’s Intentions

After a troubling marriage and relationship with Courtland Rogers, Jenelle seemed to turn her life around when she moved back in with her mom and Jace and met Nathan Griffith. Unlike most of her previous boyfriends, Nathan seemed dependable, reliable and mature, and unfortunately fans watched their relationship deteriorate as well and, as it turns out, Nathan’s plan from the start was just to gain fame. Red flags were raised when Jenelle mentioned he had tried a modelling career, which meant fame was an obvious interest to him and, after their relationship ended, sources close to the couple revealed that Nathan’s only intention in dating Jenelle was to use her reality TV fame for himself. They even added that he specifically sought her out on the dating site they met on to make her fall in love with him and get himself on Teen Mom 2. It has also been reported that in 2015’s Ashley Madison scandal that rocked the rich and elite of Hollywood, Nathan’s name and info was also on the list released by the hackers seemingly proving he is/was a cheater.

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