Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Reunion: 10 Most Shocking Revelations

Teen Mom 2 has been serving up non-stop drama for fans for eight seasons now, but no matter how dramatic and shocking the season is, fans know that the reunion episodes often top it. Teen Mom 2‘s season eight reunion with Dr. Drew was no exception as before it even aired there were reports that production had to be temporarily stopped after a massive fight broke out centering around Jenelle Eason, her mother Barbara and Jenelle’s ex Nathan. As Dr. Drew caught up with Jenelle, Chelsea DeBoer, Kailyn Lowry, Briana DeJesus and Leah Messer, explosive revelations were made, many stormed off set and tears were shed. After a long season with five moms in the mix this time and a dramatic reunion, here are the 10 most shocking revelations from Teen Mom 2‘s season eight reunion episodes:

10. Kailyn and Chris

Before the reunion even really got rolling, Kailyn dropped a major revelation about her elusive relationship with her third son’s father, Chris Lopez. Fans are well aware that Kailyn has not been very open about their relationship and where they stand, but after all the moms along with Dr. Drew watched a clip from Britain’s Teen Mum, they talked about having trust issues. When it came to Kailyn she said, “I feel for her…Chris cheated on me my whole pregnancy, so it’s hard.” When Dr. Drew then said he was sorry for her having to deal with that, she said, “Well I stayed, so it’s my fault,” and confirmed the two certainly weren’t together anymore and only found out by going through his phone. She later confirmed that she and Chris had not spoken in a month which means Chris also hadn’t seen his son Lux in a month, with Kailyn calling it a “hard pill to swallow,” and also finally revealed that she and Chris met through school.

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9. Leah and Jeremy

Although Jeremy couldn’t be at the reunion, he did call in in part 2 of the reunion, while Dr. Drew sat with Leah. Jeremy became defensive right away when Dr. Drew tried to ask about Jeremy’s relationship with his girlfriend Brooke, saying he was going to “hang the h-ll up” if that was what they were going to talk about. Things got more interesting when Dr. Drew once again hinted at if the pair were becoming involved again after previously asking Leah the question earlier. When he asked them directly, however, the pair sat in silence and as Leah blushed, Jeremy said, “this is f–king awkward.” Despite their nasty split, Leah and Jeremy certainly did not jump to deny they were rekindling their relationship, and it was easy to see there was something there whether they admitted it or not.

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8. Briana and Devoin

During this season of Teen Mom 2, fans got reacquainted with Teen Mom 3‘s Briana DeJesus and her family, including her daughter Nova’s father Devoin. It was clear not much had changed for the pair, and it seemed as if Devoin was still not a present or very dependable father and on the reunion show, it was revealed that he had actually spent some time in jail including two of Nova’s birthdays. In the season Devoin explained he had a hard time coming to see Nova cause he didn’t have a license and relied on others for rides, and in the reunion, it was revealed he didn’t have a license because of an arrest, and then was caught driving without a license. Since it has been so long since fans had seen Briana and Devoin, his revelations explained a lot as to why Briana was still not comfortable with him being with their daughter on his own.

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7. Chelsea and Adam

It has been no secret that since meeting Cole, Chelsea’s storyline has been a lot more happiness than drama, but she still has to deal with her daughter Aubree’s father, Adam Lind. After Adam failed a drug test, he had to be switched to supervised visits, and Chelsea revealed to Dr. Drew that she has tried explaining to her daughter that her dad “doesn’t always make the best decisions,” and revealed that Aubree has commented about how she doesn’t really think about her dad unless she is at a visit at Grandma Donna’s who is Adam’s mom. Chelsea then added for her personally she felt guilty because that is the father she gave her daughter.

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6. Jenelle’s Feuds

From 16 and Pregnant on, fans who have been following Jenelle’s story know just how tumultuous things have always been between herself and her mother Barbara, but at the reunion, she opened up about issues she had with her son Kaiser’s grandmother Doris, who is her ex Nathan’s mom. After reports that Doris wanted temporary custody of him, Jenelle revealed that she was the one who had concerns first after finding a “hand bruise on Kaiser’s butt from Nathan.” She added that when she brought it up to Doris, Doris immediately blamed Jenelle and David, and when Dr. Drew asked if David uses spanking as a form of punishment, backstage David got upset. As Dr. Drew talked to Jenelle about her attraction to aggressive men and tried talking to her about David’s behavior, David grew increasingly angry with Dr. Drew and finally walked out.


5. Doris Speaks Out

With Nathan’s struggles with the law and alcohol abuse, it has been his mother Doris who has taken over the duties of getting Kaiser for his visitations, and after Jenelle’s talk with Dr. Drew and Jenelle and David storming off set, Doris decided it was time to speak up. In an unplanned visit, Doris came out while Nathan was speaking with Dr. Drew and revealed that Kaiser had told her that David had punched him, and also said she thought there was drug abuse happening in Jenelle and David’s home. She added that she had already filed for temporary custody in an effort to protect her grandson, and revealed that Jenelle didn’t start accusing her of abuse until after she told Jenelle she was going to start documenting how Kaiser looked when she picked him up and how he looked when he left.

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4. Kailyn and Javi

At this point, it was abundantly clear that Javi and Kailyn were very much done romantically, but that idea is what leads to one of the most shocking moments of the reunion. In part two of the reunion, Dr. Drew spoke with both Kailyn and Javi together where they very calmly revealed there had been consistent ongoing talks of them getting back together. While fans knew they tried to reconcile before, the thought of them still trying to work on it after Kailyn had a baby with Chris and after Javi began dating Briana was completely jaw-dropping. The pair explained that during stretches when things were good between them they would have talks of getting back together, but Javi explained things would need to change including, one thing being Kailyn communicating with certain guys, which has caused rifts in their marriage. Javi then admitted that his inability to draw a line or a boundary was causing problems in him moving on in other relationships, and even Dr. Drew was confused after they denied still being attracted to each other. “So you don’t trust each other, you aren’t attracted to one another, but you want to get back together?” Kailyn responded with, “This is what we deal with all the time…it is very complicated.”

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3. Leah’s Suicidal Thoughts

Fans will remember that a few seasons ago, Leah was going through a very difficult and dark time in her life. In that season, it was clear she was not well and rumors of her being on drugs quickly became a focal point until she entered treatment for her mental health. In season eight, during one of her motivational speeches, Leah referred to a time when she was suicidal and when Dr. Drew asked her about it, she opened up for the first time ever about how bad things were. “I think everyone saw me at my worst, so it was at that time. And I just really didn’t have any support, so I was alone,” she explained before confirming it was at the time she and Jeremy were splitting up. When asked how she got out of it, Leah said her kids were “my light at the end of the tunnel.”

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2. Chelsea and Maci’s Segment

It isn’t often that reunion specials include the women from the other franchise, but for this Teen Mom 2 reunion something different was done. After Maci dealing with Ryan’s addiction and going into rehab, she was brought on to the reunion to talk with Chelsea who had been going through issues because of Adam’s addiction in her season. Maci revealed that she no longer really talks to Ryan or even sees him, so she couldn’t update on how he was doing. Those who watch Teen Mom OG know that the last season’s reunion ended with Ryan’s new wife Mackenzie confronting Maci with a letter in which she blamed Maci for not helping Ryan and it seems Maci having no contact with Ryan now might be an extension of that. Maci then dropped another bombshell when she revealed the relationship between herself and Ryan’s parents Jen and Larry is now completely gone.

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1. No Footage of the Fight

Leading up to the reunion episodes, news broke that some major drama erupted over the weekend of filming and a lot of it was caught on tape. Reports indicated that David Eason became enraged when he was cut off from the bar and ended up taking out a pocket knife and stabbing balloons. The next day apparently a major fight broke out between Jenelle, Nathan, Nathan’s girlfriend Ashley, Barbara, and David, and at the time The Ashley reported everything was filmed with hints it would be shown during the reunion. Surprisingly enough, no mention of either incident was made in either reunion episode although cast members did confirm it happened.

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