Teen Mom 2 Season 7: 8 Things To Expect

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MTV’s hit series Teen Mom 2 will be airing its seventh season in the summer of 2016, and as such, the crews have already taken up filming! As always, a lot changes and quick with Jenelle Evans, Chelsea Houska, Leah Messer and Kailyn Lowry and it is up to MTV to try to get it all into a single season. Here are 8 things to already expected from season seven of Teen Mom 2.

8. Ex-Boyfriends

Relationships are one of the main sources of drama on the show and so even after a break-up it isn’t surprising the exes are still featured. It has already been confirmed that Jeremy Calvert will appear in some episodes as he and Leah work on co-parenting Adalynn. Meanwhile, Jenelle’s ex and father of her son Kaiser has also been spotted filming which apparently led to Jenelle threatening to quit the show and of course Chelsea’s notorious ex Adam Lind has also been filming as their custody battle rages on.

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7. Kailyn’s Surgery

In mid-January 2016, Kailyn Lowry underwent some pretty major plastic surgery including a “Brazilian butt lift and a tummy tuck” done by famous celebrity plastic surgery Dr. Michael Salzhauer, known as “Dr. Miami.” It isn’t clear if MTV filmed Kailyn around the time she had the surgery, but it is known that season 7 is being filmed right now, and other Teen Moms including Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham have had their recoveries from plastic surgery filmed on previous seasons.

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6. Jenelle’s New Boyfriend

Although it seemed like Jenelle really wanted to fight for her relationship with Nathan, things looked bad last season when she got arrested for an altercation with his new girlfriend. At the reunion, however, Nathan was no longer with his new girl and wanted to work things out with Jenelle. Season seven will most likely heavily feature Jenelle’s new relationship to David Eason, who has a child of his own, a daughter.

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5. Leah’s Custody Battle

At the end of season six, Leah lost the custody battle to her ex Corey Simms after accusations of a drug addiction and a trip to a treatment center for mental health issues though, not drugs. In any event, the loss of custody of her twins plus her divorce from Jeremy is probably going to drastically change Leah’s life and be heavily focused on in the new season.

4. Jenelle’s Custody Battle

At the end of season six, Jenelle was threatening yet again to take her mother Barbara Evans to court over the custody of Jenelle’s son Jace because she signed custody over to her mother when she realized she couldn’t properly parent him. Although they tried mediation at the end of the last season, it clearly did not work meaning the battle will rage on in season seven.

Source: Jenelle Evans Twitter

Source: Jenelle Evans Twitter

3. Missing Stars

Many are big fans of Corey Simms and his new wife Miranda; however, there are some rumors the pair decided not to be on the show anymore after welcoming their own daughter, Remington, in November 2015. Even though those rumors made sense considering the way both Corey and Miranda already feel about being filmed, The Ashley has already reported the rumors are false and the two have been filming, but a source added, “Right now they can’t really quit, but they would surely like to leave behind all the drama that the show brings.”

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2. Leah’s New Boyfriend

Back in the season six reunion, Corey called Leah out for already living with her reported new boyfriend T.R. Dues and bringing him around their daughters. Leah outright denied this at the time, but many sources have confirmed the two have been secretly living together since the spring when they started dating, and since that seems to be the case it will be really hard for him to be edited out of this season, but he may not want to be on camera. Either way it seems he will definitely play a part in the season.

1. Chelsea’s Engagement

After an ongoing battle with Adam Lind, who will probably never win a “Father of the Year” Award, over their daughter Aubree, Chelsea Houska finally began dating again, and it seems she found the perfect guy in Cole DeBoer. Back in November the two announced they were engaged and immediately reports surfaced that the whole thing had been taped by MTV, so that will most definitely be a highlight of season seven.

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