Teen Mom 2 Season 7B: 10 Things To Expect

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The stars of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 are certainly not teens anymore, but there is no end in sight for MTV’s extremely successful series. When it comes to the stars of Teen Mom 2, fans have now been following the lives of Chelsea Houska, Kailyn Lowry, Leah Messer, and Jenelle Evans for seven seasons, and many even before that because of their 16 and Pregnant episodes. Fans have watched the women go from teen moms to adults while their kids went from infants to grade schoolers, and season eight is promising just as much drama and intrigue as ever. Teen Mom 2’s second half of season seven premieres on January 2, 2017, and the initial trailer for the season reveals that it is going to be an intense season for all of the stars. Ahead of the premiere, here are 10 things to expect from season 7B of Teen Mom 2.

10. Breaking The Fourth Wall

Fans of Teen Mom already know that for a couple of seasons now, Teen Mom OG has already broken the fourth wall by including the filming of producers and crews, so it isn’t surprising that Teen Mom 2 is following suit. In Instagram and Snapchat videos, Kailyn Lowry showed herself holding the cameras and filming the crew and asking “What do you think about breaking the fourth wall?”


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9. Kailyn and Javi’s Divorce

It isn’t surprising that one of the major storylines for season eight of Teen Mom 2 will be following the divorce of Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin. Fans of the series were really rooting for the pair for quite some time, but at the end of last season it seemed the marriage had reached its end when the pair were talking about drawing up divorce papers while Javi was still on deployment. In May of 2016 Lowry confirmed the divorce and the new season is sure to go over it with the trailer for season eight revealing Kailyn saying to him, “We are getting a divorce, period. Point blank,” adding, “it’s not like we were this happy couple.”

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8. Chelsea’s Pregnancy

Another major storyline fans definitely know to expect for the new season is Chelsea Houska’s pregnancy with Cole DeBoer. The show’s most popular couple announced their pregnancy on July 12, 2016, eight months after their engagement in November 2015. Chelsea has been keeping fans updated on the pregnancy with the pair announcing they are in fact expecting a boy in February of 2017, meaning season eight episodes will be airing when they welcome their new addition. The trailer shows the two very excitedly telling their friend as Chelsea exclaims, “We’ve been waiting to tell you!” and then telling Aubree, “You’re going to be a big sister.”

7. Leah: Ali’s Illness

Those who have been following Leah’s story right from 16 and Pregnant know that very little has been easy for the young mom since welcoming her twins Ali and Aleeah with her ex-husband Corey Simms at the age of 17. One of the most difficult things has been her daughter Ali’s diagnosis with a very rare form of muscular dystrophy. Fans also know that since the diagnosis, doctors have told Leah and Corey that things will only get progressively worse for Ali the older she gets and even stated that, after six years old, things go “downhill.” Leah’s portion of the trailer largely focuses on her dealing with helping Ali live her best life possible, and it is clear Ali’s health will be a big part of the season.

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6. Ex Drama

Since none of the Teen Mom 2 stars are no longer with the father’s of their first batch of kids that landed them on the show, it is safe to assume that as usual there will be tons of drama with the exes. Since Aubree was a baby, Chelsea’s ex Adam Lind has been threatening her with court and stirring up drama which is sure to continue. Meanwhile, Leah has to deal with not only Ali and Aleeah’s father Corey, but her second ex-husband and Adalynn’s father, Jeremy Calvert. Jenelle and Nathan have been at each other’s throats since they broke up and given how they both seem to have a penchant for drama there is no way they are just going to smooth things over. Lastly, Kailyn has been working towards a better relationship with Isaac’s father Jo for years now and, while they may be in a good place, she will now have to work out custody and visitation with Javi for their son Lincoln.

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5. Jenelle’s Custody Battles

After Jenelle signed custody of her son Jace over to her mother Barbara, Jenelle went on a troubled path of drugs and run-ins with the law, but since straightening herself out, her major focus has been on regaining custody of Jace. There are sure to be many more iconic fights between Barbara and Jenelle, and the trailer shows a glimpse of that as Jenelle says to her, “You don’t want to give me my son back, so, I don’t ever want to film with you ever again in my f–king life,” as she rips a camera off her car, and Barbara responds, “If I get custody then you will get limited visitation.” As mentioned, Jenelle also has an ongoing battle with her ex Nathan over their son Kaiser, and since Nathan’s girlfriend filed an assault charge against Jenelle last season, there is no way things are going to work out amicably for both sides.

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4. Chelsea’s Wedding Planning

In the season seven reunion, Chelsea made it quite clear that MTV would not be filming her wedding to Cole DeBoer, so odds are we will not be seeing it on the new season. The two got officially married in early October, 2016, so fans will definitely see a pregnant Chelsea at least planning her big day. While she said MTV would not be filming, after the wedding she announced that it was just a small one to make it official for the two and that they will be having another big wedding after the baby arrives so that she could celebrate and drink, and many are wondering if that means she allowed her small wedding to be filmed, but it isn’t likely.

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3. Leah Dating

Teen Mom 2 viewers have now witnessed Leah’s marriage to Corey dissolve, and then her new relationship with Jeremy blossom, only for it to come to an end in season six. There have been many rumors that, after splitting with Jeremy, Leah started dating a personal trainer and the pair moved in together but when he wasn’t seen at all or mentioned in season seven it seems that wasn’t true. Regardless, it won’t be surprising if Leah now considers jumping into the dating pool again, and the trailer hints at that when Leah’s youngest daughter Addie asks her about having a boyfriend and Leah responds, “Does Mommy need a boyfriend,” and Addie says, “Yeah!”

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2. Jenelle’s Pregnancy

A couple weeks after Chelsea Houska’s exciting pregnancy news it was reported that her co-star Jenelle Evans was expecting her third child and fans were shocked! It was clear Jenelle had been trying to hide the pregnancy as the information only came forward because she and her boyfriend David Eason were involved in a car accident so the police report included that the female passenger (Jenelle) was 10 weeks pregnant. At the end of August Jenelle and David finally confirmed the pregnancy with announcement photos, and the surprising pregnancy is sure to take center stage in season eight. The trailer shows producers asking her if she is pregnant and Jenelle saying, “No, I’m not,” but then cuts away to Barbara who is reading the news story about the police report confirming the pregnancy. As this is Jenelle’s third child with three different fathers, fans were quick to criticize her which is also sure to be part of why Jenelle is trying to keep it a secret.

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1. Kailyn’s Cheating

Last, but most certainly not least, is that fans will finally reveal exactly what led to Kailyn and Javi’s divorce, and if the trailer is any indication it definitely seems as if Kailyn cheated. Shortly after their split there were many rumors that she had cheated and Javi neither confirmed nor denied these rumors, but strongly hinted at them when he said in an August interview, “I don’t wanna put too much out there, but she knows what she did. It’ll come out. What’s done in the night will show in the light. It’ll all unravel. I just gotta keep my mouth shut and watch everything unfold.” Well, things are definitely coming out as the explosive trailer shows Javi confronting Kailyn while she is in her car, telling her, “You never thought about anyone else. You didn’t think about me, you didn’t think about your two boys. You even open your legs to some guy and that’s not a big f–king deal!?”

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