Teen Mom 2 Season 7B Reunion: 9 Biggest Revelations

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For seven seasons, fans of Teen Mom 2 have watched the journeys and lives of Kailyn Lowry, Jenelle Evans, Chelsea Houska and Leah Messer as the women went from young teenage mothers to young women. They have expanded their families, had love, loss, failures and successes and shared it all with fans, making for a lot of drama. Proving to be even more explosive and dramatic over the many seasons, however, have been the reunions which have seen everything from crazy accusations, someone storming off set, yelling matches and huge revelations. Season seven of Teen Mom 2 was a long one but the second half has come to an end and the ladies and their families sat down to reflect on the season with Dr. Drew. Although it wasn’t nearly as dramatic as many other reunions, here are the 9 biggest revelations from Teen Mom 2‘s season 7B reunion:

9. Chelsea’s Wedding

For a couple of seasons now, it has seemed that Chelsea is closer and closer to being done with the show as she focuses on her life with Cole and Aubree and Watson. Chelsea was adamant that she did not want MTV filming her wedding ceremony with Cole, but on the reunion show she did open up about the special day a little bit. She revealed that there were only about 10 people at the private ceremony including their parents and siblings, and Aubree stood by them for the whole thing. Chelsea also said before she used to dream about getting out of Sioux Falls, but is now very happy with her life there, hinting even more that she is fully settled.

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8. Jenelle’s Custody Issues

Jenelle has been in an ongoing custody battle with her mother Barbara for almost the entire run of Teen Mom 2, and since the season saw the pair go into early court proceedings, many hoped it would finally be settled. Jenelle revealed, however, that their case keeps getting delayed and when Barbara came on stage, it was clear that their relationship is definitely not even close to being better. Meanwhile Jenelle keeps saying that Jace constantly tells her he wants to live with her, but Barbara is getting the same story, so it is increasingly apparent the effect this is having on the 7-year-old. Meanwhile, Jenelle discussed more about her custody agreement with Nathan over their son Kaiser. At the end of the season, fans saw Nathan say he would sign over rights to Kaiser and was taking off to England. Unsurprisingly, that wasn’t true and Nathan said he was going through a rough time and said Jenelle was lying about him not spending time with Kaiser.

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7. Chelsea’s Relationship With Her Mom

Teen Mom 2 has always heavily featured Chelsea’s dad Randy and in early seasons it seems fans saw a lot more of her mom, Mary. In the few scenes Mary was in this season, it always seemed that Chelsea was being rude or very short with her mom and it had many fans questioning their relationship. When Dr. Drew asked Chelsea about her mom, she just said she is “frustrating” because she brings up Adam purposely when the cameras are around. “She is totally different around the cameras,” Chelsea explained and said she never talks about Adam or brings it up when MTV isn’t around which bothers Chelsea.

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6. Kailyn’s Custody Battle

One of the most dramatic moments of the whole reunion came not between Kailyn and her ex Jo, and not even between Kailyn and her most recent ex Javi, but was between Kailyn and Jo’s fiancee Vee. Vee once again stated that she only thinks it is fair that Jo gets legal 50/50 custody of Isaac, but Kailyn became very upset at the suggestion, which started a spat between the two. Jo, on the other hand, said he is fine if it is not in writing because he is essentially getting equal time now anyway, but the conversation also revealed that it is a little unfair because Javi got legal 50/50 custody of his son with Kailyn, Lincoln. The confrontation caused Kailyn to almost shut down completely, but didn’t result in anyone storming off stage for once.

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5. Ali’s Health

Fans have watched as Leah Messer and Corey Simms welcomed twins, discovered that their one girl Ali has a very rare form of muscular dystrophy, and as Ali has now grown and thrived despite her illness. The series has focused on how well Ali has grown and adjusted, needing a power wheelchair at times, and needing knee pads and a helmet for constant falls, but Leah revealed that both she and her twin Aleeah are doing well in school both academically and socially. When Corey joined the reunion via Skype, he revealed that they had even taken Ali to a conference on muscular dystrophy where Ali was even used as a case study because of her extremely rare type of the disease.

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4. Adam

Over the years, Chelsea’s ex and Aubree’s father Adam has often complained about how he is portrayed on the show, and this season seemed particularly bad. So bad that Dr. Drew even showed a montage of Adam “calling out the show.” While he wasn’t at the reunion, Dr. Drew revealed Adam was supposed to be there, but the day before sent an expletive filled text to Teen Mom 2 producer Larry stating he wasn’t coming because he believed they had been leaking his personal information. What was most surprising too was the complete disdain that Dr. Drew seemed to show for Adam, and without hesitation even told Chelsea that if Adam continues on the path he is on, it will have “very very” severe consequences. Over the years, Dr. Drew has definitely had difficulty tempering his opinion about some of the stars, but it is very rare that he becomes so blunt about what he thinks of a person and their actions.

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3. Leah and Her Exes

Leah had an exceptionally calm reunion show, and did not have any guests as Jeremy wasn’t present and Corey could only join by video chat. Dr. Drew made a point of bringing up if everything was stable and amicable between herself and Corey because it was at one of the last reunion fans learned that Leah and Corey had had an affair in the first few months of Corey’s marriage to Miranda. They both confirmed that everything was good between them and they were co-parenting and were definitely not going into details. Unfortunately, things didn’t seem as great between Leah and Jeremy as Dr. Drew and Leah both suggested Jeremy doesn’t make a good enough effort to spend time with his daughter Addie. Jeremy wasn’t at the reunion, however, so fans did not hear his side of the story.

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2. Nathan’s Strange Claims

The most dramatic moment of the entire reunion, which even included a walk-off that was between none other than Nathan and Jenelle. After Jenelle continuously implied that Nathan obviously wanted her back, Dr. Drew brought Nathan out who immediately went on the defensive. In his attack on Jenelle and David, he stated that while going through Jenelle’s phone, David saw a nude photo of Nathan and became “jealous” of Nathan’s penis and apologized for not being able to “satisfy” Jenelle in the same way. The whole accusation was completely insane, and Jenelle was even able to contact the friend who had apparently told Nathan all of this, only for that friend to state they hadn’t seen or talked to Nathan in a long time. When it came to discussing custody, however, Jenelle got emotional and Nathan stormed off, only to return with his mom on the phone to confirm his side of the story. True or not, the nude photo was a pretty shocking revelation, but fans were not at all surprised to see that Nathan and Jenelle still do not get along at all.

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1. Javi and Kailyn

Things were a lot more calm between Kailyn and her ex, which was shocking all in itself. All season long fans had watched as Kailyn and Javi fought constantly over their divorce, Kailyn’s alleged cheating, and Javi’s return home disrupting her life, but at the reunion the two revealed it was all water under the bridge. They were impressively calm when discussing their situation, and it was amazing to see what a change had been made from what everyone had seen all season.

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