Teen Mom 2: 12 Popular Couples Ranked From Worst To Best

In February of 2010, MTV aired its second season of 16 and Pregnant, and fans were introduced for the first time to Jenelle Evans, Leah Messer, Kailyn Lowry, and Chelsea Houska. The four thought they would fade into MTV obscurity after their episode, but were instead chosen as the stars for Teen Mom 2, and have now been sharing their stories for almost seven years! During that time fans have seen the highs and lows of their lives as they navigated through motherhood at a young age which has included quite a few relationships that have come and gone. Take a look at 12 of the most popular Teen Mom 2 couples ranked worst to best!

12. Jenelle and Kieffer

Over the seven seasons of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans’ list of bad relationships has been extensive, and without a doubt, one of the worst was with Kieffer. Most fans can clearly remember the way Jenelle’s mother yelled the name Kieffer and despised the guy like nobody else, and it didn’t take long before fans were horrified by the relationship as well. Slowly but surely, fans watched as Jenelle and Kieffer fell deeper and deeper into drugs. The pair were arrested multiple times for domestic fights, stealing, and breaking and entering, but the worst of the worst was when the cameras would actually show the pair getting so high on heroin they passed out. Everything about the relationship was toxic and unhealthy, and at times difficult to watch.

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11. Chelsea and Adam

At this point, it is almost hard for fans to remember back when Chelsea Houska and Adam Lind were actually a couple, and that might be for the better. When their episode of 16 and Pregnant aired in March of 2010 it was clear they were not a happy couple, but early in season one of Teen Mom 2, they reconciled. Over the years, fans have seen Adam be a less than attentive father to Aubree, and particularly difficult with Chelsea, and more than a few unkind words were thrown around. Then, of course, there is that time Adam texted Aubree and called her a “mistake,” and while Chelsea has been a longtime fan favorite, Adam is one of the most hated stars on the show.

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10. Jenelle and Nathan

After ending things with Kieffer, Jenelle went through more tough and abusive relationship with guys like Gary Head and Courtland Rogers, but her next relationship to be featured predominantly on Teen Mom 2 was with Nathan Griffith. Nathan was first introduced to the show in season five, and like most of Jenelle’s relationships, everything started off great, and by the third episode, they already made plans to move in together. By episode seven the pair ended up getting pregnant, and once again things went downhill. It didn’t take long before things went from bad to worse and more than once they were involved in domestic disputes that landed Nathan in jail. By the end of their relationship, they did nothing but have explosive arguments, and say the worst things they could think of to each other, and it ended up being one of the worst relationships on the show.

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9. Kailyn and Jo

Teen Mom 2 fans actually didn’t see Jo and Kailyn together too much as they broke up completely during their 16 and Pregnant episode. Afterwards, however, Lowry revealed that Jo had cheated on her while she was pregnant, and although they kept trying to make it work and even got engaged, they were just not meant to be. The pair fought continuously, and things got very bad when it came to disagreements about custody and the ways in which Isaac should be parented. It has been refreshing for fans to watch them become friends recently, but it was clear they were not a good couple.

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8. Leah and Corey

Leah Messer and Corey Simms have had one of the most intriguing and emotional stories out of all the Teen Mom 2 stars. Their relationship was off to a shaky start right from the beginning as the pair were only dating for about a month before they discovered they were pregnant at 17…with twins! The two tried very hard to handle their situation maturely, but they often clashed and, although they got married, it wasn’t long before Corey found out Leah had cheated two weeks before their wedding. Many fans were rooting for the young parents, but the cheating revealed a side to Leah and their relationship audiences had no idea about. It also doesn’t help matters that Corey and Leah also had a fling years later after Corey had married his wife Miranda.

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7. Kailyn and Jordan

After Kailyn’s difficult relationship with Jo, it was nice to see her try again at love when she met Jordan at work. Fans, and Jo’s family, were not impressed that the two began dating while Kailyn was still living with them, but they did seem like a good match. Jordan was calm, and fun-loving, and took to Isaac right away. Unfortunately, their relationship was marred by Kailyn’s past with Jo, and while they were good together, Kailyn cheated on Jordan with Jo and strongly considered getting back together with Jo. Although the pair split amicably, even Kailyn admitted in her book “Pride Over Pity” that Jordan helped her to move on with her life, but he was definitely not “the one.”

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6. Corey and Miranda

To the dismay of many fans, there is not a lot shown of Corey Simms and his wife Miranda Patterson. Corey has always been the one star to shy away from the cameras the most, and his relationship with Miranda was kept quiet for quite some time. Unlike a lot of the other stars, the pair did not thrive off drama, and seemed very mature in their relationship, officially getting married on June 7, 2013, and welcoming daughter Remington Monroe in November 2015. While they always appeared as one of the best and most stable couples on the show, fans were taken aback to learn that Corey had slept with Leah two months into his marriage with Miranda. While Corey and Miranda were able to work past the cheating, the revelation made it clear they did not have the perfect relationship that many had thought.

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5. Jenelle and David

Jenelle has found love with David Eason, and the pair have welcomed one child together, daughter Ensley, and were married in the summer of 2017. While not much was seen of Eason since fans were only introduced to him in season 7 of the series in 2016, he has become a prominent member of the show since. There have been many reports that Eason also has a lengthy rap sheet, and has done jail time for domestic violence situations, and it seems everyone is out to prove he is controlling, but everything seems to be stable between Jenelle and Eason. Only time will tell if this relationship will take a drastic and violent turn like many of her others, but for now, they appear happy, in love, and committed to raising their children together.

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4. Kailyn and Javi

Javi Marroquin quickly became one of the most loved male cast members on Teen Mom 2 when he was introduced on the show in the last few episodes of season 3. He became a doting and loving stepfather to Isaac and he and Kailyn created a wonderful life together, as they got married and welcomed their own son, Lincoln. Despite all this, it was quite clear there were problems right from the start, as Kailyn always had problems letting people in, and Javi had trust issues. The pair got through some very difficult times such as Javi being away for Air Force training and deployment, as well as Kailyn’s anger issues and an incident in which she struck Javi. They were one of the most rooted for couples, but it really was no surprise when their marriage fell apart after a tragic miscarriage and a lot of fighting.

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3. Jo and Vee

Vee has been a part of Teen Mom 2 for a lot longer than fans realize because for some time it seemed that Jo was still trying to get back together with Kailyn. Despite this, Vee stuck by Jo’s side and has been a big part of his life for many years, and in season five the pair made the big decision to leave their friends and family behind to move to Delaware so that Jo could be closer to Isaac. From what fans have seen, the two have always had a respectful and loving relationship which has included Vee making big sacrifices for Jo. Now the two are married and welcomed their own daughter Vivi in October 2015, and most importantly have become friends with Kailyn through her difficult separation from Javi.

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2. Leah and Jeremy

The speed at which Leah moved on from her divorce to Corey was at least a little surprising to many viewers as Jeremy Calvert was introduced near the beginning of season three. Almost immediately there was concern that Leah was not completely over Corey, but that did not stop the pair from moving in together and, in April 2012, the two were married, and welcomed their own daughter Adalynn in 2013. They truly were a cute couple though, and Jeremy was extremely supportive and devoted not only to Leah but the twins. While they were together, Jeremy and Leah were seemingly a very good couple, and it was sad for fans to see how quickly their marriage deteriorated to the point of divorce. Luckily, it seems the pair were able to remain amicable for the sake of their daughter and co-parenting.

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1. Chelsea and Cole 

There was never any surprise who was going to top this list. Out of all the stars, Chelsea was one who did not go through multiple relationships over the course of seven seasons of the show, and in fact, did not give much time to dating and instead focused on her career and raising Aubree. Since Chelsea and Cole DeBoer got together in the summer of 2014, it seems their relationship has been almost fairytale like. Cole is handsome, fun-loving, devoted, and absolutely amazing with Aubree, all of which has had fans swooning over him as much as Chelsea is. So far Cole and Chelsea have proven to be nothing but stable and committed, and audiences haven’t even seen the pair argue as most couples do, so it is clear they are the best couple on the show.

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