10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kailyn Lowry And Javi Marroquin’s Relationship

For almost seven years now, fans of 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 2 have followed the story of Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry who gave birth to her son Isaac in January, 2010 at the age of 16. In the following years viewers have seen Kailyn work extremely hard, deal with co-parenting with Isaac’s father Jo, and even find love again with Javi Marroquin. Unfortunately, after just over two years of marriage, Kailyn and Javi split and in that time they were together many of their ups and downs were witnessed by Teen Mom 2 fans. Since we’re about to get an explanation for why the couple split in Teen Mom 2‘s eighth season, take a look back on their relationship with these 10 things you never knew:

10. How They Really Met

Due to the way filming works for the stars, fans never really got to see how Javi and Kailyn met. Audiences are first introduced to Javi in season three episode ten when they go on a group bowling date, but the story of how they got together started way before then. The pair first met when Kailyn was working in a clothing store and in her book “Pride over Pity” she revealed she convinced him to buy a shirt that cost almost $100 adding that “he looked about 15 so I assumed his dad was paying for it.” As it turns out, he was not 15 and came back the next day to ask Kailyn if he could take her out to ice cream because she had told him while he was shopping that she was getting her wisdom teeth out.

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9. Not Interested

Despite the pair becoming friends and hanging out for a couple of months, Kailyn wasn’t romantically interested in Javi and after he drove himself to New York when she was filming the Teen Mom 2 season three reunion show she said she “couldn’t deny his attraction to me any longer.”At that point Javi asked her bluntly if she ever wanted to move past friendship and she told him she had “no intention” of being with him; however, she wasn’t totally convinced of that. After that talk the two actually distanced themselves from each other, and one of Kailyn’s biggest reservations was that after her traumatizing rape before meeting Javi she was worried she would never be able to be with someone physically again.

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8. Love Blossoms

After a few months apart, that same winter Javi and Kailyn grew closer again, and this time she let down her guard and really fell for him. One of the turning points of Kailyn deciding to fully give into her feelings for Javi was when she let him meet Isaac for the very fist time and saw how much Isaac liked him immediately. During a trip to visit one of Javi’s cousins in West Virginia, Kailyn revealed her feelings and she was happy to find out his feelings hadn’t changed and the two began their romantic relationship.

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7. The Fight

What fans didn’t see a lot was that, according to Kailyn, fighting was always a part of her relationship with Javi, and what fans did see is the now infamous fight in which Kailyn struck Javi. In her book, she explained that, while that fight was made huge because it was filmed, it was actually one of their shortest fights and in fact intense fights such as those were commonplace in their relationship from the beginning.

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6. The Girl Friend/Fight

One of the biggest obstacles of Kailyn and Javi’s relationship in its early stages were rumors that Kailyn was actually gay and didn’t want to admit it. While this was not covered in the show, Lowry opened up about it in her book where she admitted she had had feelings towards girls and had even hooked up with her friend Aria once, and Aria became a big problem in Kailyn’s relationship. Aria believed Kailyn was a closeted lesbian and ended up telling Javi that adding that Kailyn would eventually leave him for a woman. Javi believed Aria because she was Kailyn’s best friend and he ended up leaving and drove two hours away to Bloomsburg University to stay with friends without hearing her out. Kailyn went after him and when she arrived she was surrounded by people who would not let her see Javi and even started pushing her around. “It was easily the worst night of my life. I went home to cry myself to sleep, wishing the mess would disappear and still hearing their screams of ‘F-ck Isaac’ ringing in my ears.”

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5. Reconciliation

Despite the enormity of this particular fight and although it truly seemed like the two were done for good, Javi came around. They quickly found out Aria had sold the story to the media, and as the pair grew closer again they decided that they wanted to get married, and headed down to Vegas with the MTV crews along for the ride. When they got there, however, they realized that was not how they wanted to get married and called the whole thing off immediately.

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4. The Air Force and Marriage

When Javi passed the test to enter the United States Air Force, it meant that the two were entering one of the toughest tests of their relationship as the job was going to mean a lot of distance and time apart. Fans watched Javi’s adorable proposal and, although they wanted and would have a big wedding eventually, the two first got married in a courthouse with just themselves and two people from Javi’s family for witnesses. On September 21, 2013, they finally had their big wedding ceremony at The Camden Aquarium in New Jersey while Kailyn was seven months pregnant.

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3. Loneliness 

Unfortunately, the foreshadowing of their relationship coming to an end began as soon as Javi went away for his three months of training which would lead to months of deployment. It only took a few weeks for Kailyn to begin getting so lonely she actually questioned their marriage, and turned to Javi’s family and her friends for support, and while things smoothed over for awhile, Teen Mom 2 fans now know it didn’t last.

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2. Lincoln

It didn’t take long before Javi and Kailyn were pregnant with their first child together, and although they hadn’t put a time frame on when they wanted to have children, they both wanted to. As it turns out Kailyn took a special trip down to Texas for Javi’s graduation in February 2013 which is when she became pregnant with Lincoln. The pair were ecstatic to be adding to their family, and were planning a public announcement, but the media caught on and ruined their surprise before they could share their news, which really made Kailyn mad.

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1. The BreakUp

In season seven, fans saw Kailyn and Javi’s relationship deteriorate to the point of a breakup during Javi’s deployment overseas, and then on the reunion show, they openly discussed beginning the divorce process. In May of 2016, Kailyn confirmed the divorce was happening, but since then rumors have been flying that it has not been amicable and, with a shocking season eight trailer, it seems Kailyn may have cheated on Javi while he was away!

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