Rare Photos Of Princess Diana And Prince Charles You Haven’t Seen


Prince Charles and Princess Diana had a really public relationship, which began when they were married in front of the world on July 29, 1981. Even though they were one of the most famous couples in the world, there are still a number of moments that the couple shared that the public never saw. Here are 12 rare photos of the Prince and Princess of Wales that most people haven’t seen:

22. On Their Honeymoon – 1981

Prince Charles and Princess Diana spent their honeymoon cruising around in the Mediterranean on the Royal Yacht Britannia and then headed to Scotland to spend some time at Balmoral. In this picture, they are on the Royal Yacht Britannia and, although they look content, it wasn’t exactly a very amorous honeymoon. According to one of Diana’s letters, she used the honeymoon to catch up on sleep.



21. Ascot Racehorse – 1986

In 1986, Princess Diana and Prince Charles attended the Royal Ascot, which is arguably Britain’s most valuable race meeting and one of the biggest royal fashion events of the year. Diana made sure to attend the event in style. She wore this pretty white skirt suit while Charles wore a three-piece suit with a top hat.


20. Tour of Italy – 1985

In 1985, Princess Diana and Prince Charles did a tour of Italy with their two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. In this picture, they are traveling by gondola along the Grand Canal without their children and both of them seem at least somewhat happy.


19. Tour of Australia – 1985

During their marriage, Prince Charles and Princess Diana visited Australia three times – once in 1983 and then again in 1985 and 1988. In 1985, the royal couple made a visit to Victoria to celebrate the state’s 150th anniversary and while there they attended the Melbourne Cup. In this picture, they are in the Government House in Melbourne, Australia.

Mirrorpix/Courtesy Everett Collection

18. At Balmoral – 1988

During their marriage, Prince Charles and Princess Diana spent a lot of time at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. They are pictured here at Balmoral Racetrack in 1988 with Prince William and Prince Harry. William is riding an adorable pony while Harry is just an infant.

Everett Collection

17. The Braemar Highland Games – 1987

Their Royal Highnesses attended The Braemar Gathering several times together. Here they are in 1987 at the event with Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mother. Princess Diana is wearing a plaid two-piece dress suit and Prince Charles wore a plaid kilt.

Mirrorpix/Courtesy Everett Collection

16. Visit with the King of Saudi Arabia – 1987

King Fahd bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the King of Saudi Arabia, visited Britain in 1987 and Prince Charles and Princess Diana are seen here attending the Parade at the Royal Military in Sandhurst that was thrown in his honor. We love the expression on Diana’s face in this picture!


15. Meeting Phil Collins – 1990

Phil Collins was part of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s inner circle in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. He even attended the future king’s 40th birthday party in 1988! Here are they all are meeting again at a Prince’s Trust charity concert at Royal Albert Hall.


14. When Diana Dented Charles’ Ashton Martin – 1987

In 1987, the royal couple drove to a polo match in Charles’ Ashton Martin, which his mother gifted him on his 21st birthday. While he played polo, Diana posed on the hood of the car, leaving a dent. A furious Charles told her to get off so that she wouldn’t damage the bodywork but, as soon as he was gone, she got back on!


13. Tour of Canada – 1983

Prince Charles had made numerous trips to Canada but, in 1983, he and his new wife Princess Diana made their first trip there together. They toured the Maritime provinces to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Newfoundland becoming a British colony and attended the World University Games in Edmonton.


12. Their First Royal Engagement – 1981

Before they were husband and wife, Prince Charles brought Lady Diana to a black-tie event at Goldsmith’s Hall in London, which was their first royal engagement together. According to Diana, he was not a fan of her dress because it was black and he and his family believed that only people in mourning should wear black. Diana refused to change, insisting that she was not yet part of the royal family.

Press Association

11. With Prince Edward – 1983

In 1983, Princess Diana and Prince Charles did a tour of Australia and New Zealand. While in New Zealand, they visited Charles’ younger brother Edward in Wanganui where he was a student at the time. They all look so young in this picture, don’t they?

Press Association

10. Polo Match – 1985

At a polo match at Cirencester Polo Club in 1985, their Royal Highnesses shared a moment. This was clearly during a happier period in their marriage. Doesn’t Diana seem content? And so does Charles! If only they could have stayed this happy.

Press Association

9. On Route to Nigeria – 1990

The couple visited Nigeria in 1990, but it was clear at this point that their marriage had soured. While there, Diana visited children’s hospitals, traditional handloom weavers and women’s development projects, and Charles opened a British Council Library, walked in a rainforest and greeted war veterans.

Press Association

8. The Queen Mother’s 87th Birthday – 1987

The royal family celebrated the Queen Mother’s birthday at Clarence House in 1987. In this picture, Prince Charles, Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth seem to be having a good time together. The Queen’s laughing with Charles and Diana seems a bit surprised by something her husband said.


7. Rupert Soames’ Wedding – 1988

The royal couple attended Rupert Soames 1988 wedding together in style. She looked stunning in this black and blue outfit while Charles looked dapper in his morning suit. Based on their body language, things seemed to have cooled off between them at this point.


6. Barbican Arts Centre – 1982

The royal couple attended the Barbican Arts Centre in London in 1982. At the time, Princess Diana was pregnant with William. We love that you can see Diana just staring at Charles with a really loving expression. This was obviously the brief period where the two were quite happy together.


5. Grand National – 1982

Prince Charles and Princess Diana are pictured here at the Grand National. She was pregnant in this photo, but it’s impossible to tell. She was still so stylish with her matching coat and hat. It doesn’t really matter what Charles is wearing in this picture cause it’s all about Diana!


4. Guards Polo Club – 1987

In 1987, Diana presented Charles with a runner’s up medal at the Guards Polo Club in Windsor and the two shared a kiss. Interestingly, it was only a year earlier that Charles had begun an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles. Maybe that’s why the kiss here seems so lackluster. 

Press Association

3. Arriving Back in England from Klosters – 1983

Prince Charles is seen here with Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson arriving back in England from Klosters, Switzerland, in 1983. They were all on a ski vacation at Klosters Ski Resort when a member of their party, Major Hugh Lindsay, was killed by an avalanche.



2. Polo Match – 1988  

Princess Diana attended many polo matches during her marriage to Prince Charles. In this photo, she is attending one of Charles’ polo match with Prince William and Prince Harry in this pastel colored outfit. The body language in this picture is really interesting. There seems to be some tension.


1. At The Braemar Gathering – 1981

The Prince and Princess of Wales went to The Braemar Gathering together in Scotland in 1981. The couple had only been married a couple of months at this point and Diana looked particularly bored at this event. At least she arrived in style in this plaid dress and black hat.


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