Rare Photos Of The Royal Family: Pics You Haven’t Seen

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Sometimes it feels like we’ve seen every single picture of the royal family that’s out there, but that just isn’t true. There are a number of photos that most people aren’t familiar with, which is why we’ve collected 15 rare pictures of the royal family for everyone to enjoy!

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15. A Teenage Prince Philip

A teenage Prince Philip was really easy on the eyes. He is pictured here at Gordonstoun, the Scottish all-boys school he attended during his high school years. Philip enjoyed his years at Gordonstoun and felt that the school was instrumental in turning him into the man he became, which is why he sent his son Prince Charles there too. Unfortunately, Charles didn’t have a positive experience at Gordonstoun.

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14. Prince Harry with Braces

Who knew that Prince Harry once had braces! Well, he did back in 1999, which is when this picture was taken on the Sandringham Estate on Christmas Day. Prince Harry has certainly grown up since them, but it’s fun remember when he had that very brief awkward phase!

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13. Princess Diana and Her Brother

Princess Diana is pictured here at Park House, Sandringham, Norfolk, in the summer of 1967 with her younger brother, Charles. This was the same year that her parents separated, but their divorce wasn’t final until 1969. According to Diana, her childhood was “very unhappy” and “very unstable, the whole thing.”

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12. Prince Charles on His 7th Birthday

Prince Charles can be seen here in his kilt of Balmoral tartan on his seventh birthday. He looks pretty serious and super formal in his little outfit, but he is still really cute.

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11. Kate as a Child in Jordan

From 1984 to 1986, Kate Middleton’s family lived in Amman, Jordan. She was only two when they moved and her sister Pippa was just eight months old. Her father was employed with British Airways when he received the offer to move to the Jordanian capital.

10. Charles, Diana and William

This family portrait of Prince William with Princess Diana and Prince Charles is from March 1983 at Kensington Palace. It’s a pretty sweet picture. Charles and Diana look like they are happy and in love and William seems content as well. It’s the perfect family picture.

9. Queen Elizabeth as a Child

Queen Elizabeth was 10 years old in this photo. It was taken the same year that King Edward VIII abdicated the throne and her father, George VI, became King of England. As a result, Elizabeth became heir presumptive, which changed the course of her life.

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8. Princess Diana as a Bridesmaid

Three years before her wedding to Prince Charles, Diana was a bridesmaid at her sister Lady Jane Spencer’s 1978 wedding to Mr. Robert Fellowes. She was only 16 in this picture and she obviously had no say about the dress. It’s so frumpy – totally unlike the amazing style that we had come to expect from Princess Di.

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7. Prince Philip as a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy

During World War II, Prince Philip was a lieutenant in the Royal Navy and was the first lieutenant of HMS Wallace. During the invasion of Sicily in 1943, he saved his ship from a night bomber attack by creating a diversion. It was his idea to throw a wooden raft with smoke floats, which made it look like debris on fire on the water, and the plan worked because his ship was able to then slip away unnoticed.

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6. Prince Charles at Cambridge University

After completing his A-levels, Prince Charles decided to enroll at Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1967 instead of joining the British Armed Forces. There he studied anthropology, archaeology, and history. In 1970, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and officially became the first heir apparent to graduate from university.

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5. Kate Middleton at Her University Graduation

In 2001, Kate Middleton met Prince William at the University of St. Andrews in Fife, Scotland. They were living in the same dormitory during their first year, and they had several classes together as well. In 2005, they both graduated from St. Andrews. This is a picture of her on graduation day.


4. William and Harry with Charles

This picture of Prince Charles with Prince William and Prince Harry was taken back in 1988 when Charles and Princess Diana were still married. They all look so young and a picture like this really shows how much Charles has always loved his sons.


3. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles

This picture is from 1952 and features Queen Elizabeth with Prince Charles on his fourth birthday. Charles has said in the past that his relationship with his mother was cold, but you’d never know it by looking at this picture. They look so happy together!

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2. Princess Diana as a Child

Princess Diana was only two in this photo. It was taken at Park House, Sandringham, Norfolk, which is situated on the Queen’s country home, Sandringham Estate. The home her family lived in was leased from Queen Elizabeth. Because of her close proximity to the royal family and her aristocratic lineage, she grew up playing with Prince Charles’ younger brothers, Andrew and Edward.


1. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip Announcing Their Engagement

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip announced their engagement on July 9, 1947; however, they had gotten engaged a year earlier in 1946. They held off announcing their engagement until the following year because Elizabeth’s father, King George VI, wanted them to wait until her 21st birthday, which was in April 1947. Philip proposed with a 3-carat round diamond with diamond side stones set in platinum.

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