Rare Photos Of Prince Philip You Haven’t Seen

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We’re all familiar with what Prince Philip looks like now but, once upon a time, he was a handsome young man who managed to sweep the future Queen of England off her feet. Do you want proof? Check out these rare pictures of the Duke of Edinburgh that most people have never seen:

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12. At London Airport – 1947

This photo is from 1947 when Prince Philip, then known as Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten, was engaged to Queen Elizabeth, who was then just a princess. He always looked so serious, almost angry! But, wow, he was still quite the speciman! Elizabeth was one lucky lady!

Press Association

11. At Lakefield College School – 1969

In 1969, the Duke of Edinburgh was doing a tour of 11 Canadian cities. In this picture, he was in Peterborough, Ontario. He was handing out medals to young Canadians for their achievements in public service, hobbies and physical fitness.

John McNeill / The Globe and Mail

10. With Prince Charles at London Airport – 1952

Here, Prince Philip is at London Airport in 1952 with a young Prince Charles. This is a really sweet picture; however, it is well known that Philip never had a particularly close relationship with his eldest son. You’d never know it from this picture, though!

Everett Collection

9. Leek Presentation Ceremony – 1968

Prince Philip attended the Leek Presentation Ceremony in Windsor as Colonel of the Welsh Guards in 1968 with two of his sons, Prince Charles and Prince Edward. He held this post, Colonel of the Welsh Guards, from 1953 to 1974 before he retired.


8. As a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy – 1946

In 1939, he joined the British Royal Navy as a cadet after leaving Gordonstoun School. He was promoted to Lieutenant in July 1942 and that October he was appointed to the V and W-class destroyer and flotilla leader HMS Wallace. He was in Tokyo Bay when the Japanese surrendered and is one of the few royals to serve in a combative role.

Press Association

7. In the Full Dress Uniform of Admiral of the Fleet – 1961

Prince Philip was appointed Admiral of the Fleet in 1953 along with Field Marshal of the Army and Marshal of the Royal Air Force. This photo is from 1961. He’ wearing the full dress uniform of Admiral of the Fleet. He certainly looks handsome!

Courtesy Everett Collection

6. Visit to Upper Canada College – 1969

Prince Philip paid a visit to Upper Canada College, a school in Toronto, in 1969 and presented Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards to nine boys. He served as the school’s official “Visitor” from 1955 up until he retired from his royal duties in 2017.

Photo by Barrie Davis / The Globe and Mail

5. Summer Olympics – 1948

In 1948, the Summer Olympics were held in London, England, and Prince Philip got to attend the games. Here he is shaking hands with French cyclist Jose Beyeart, who had just won the 20-mile cycle road race in Windsor.

Press Association

4. Painting in 1969

Many people aren’t aware that Prince Philip is actually an avid painter and loves to paint landscapes with oils. His most famous painting is arguably one of his wife, Queen Elizabeth, having breakfast. This picture of him painting is from 1969.

Courtesy Everett Collection

3. Three Day Visit in Ottawa – 1954

The Duke of Edinburgh was a guest of Canada’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police during his three-day visit in Ottawa in 1954. In this photo, he is leaving with RCMP Commissioner L.H. Nicholson to drive to the Rockcliffe Barracks.

Richard Cole / For The Globe and Mail

2. Visit to Canada – 1973

Prince Philip certainly loved to visit Canada! In 1973, he and Queen Elizabeth paid a visit to the former colony. They were in Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan and Alberta to mark the RCMP centennial of P.E.I. joining the Confederation and the tercentennial of Kingston, Ontario.

John McNeill / The Globe and Mail

1. At Gordonstoun – 1939

Prince Philip was incredibly handsome as a young man. Here is at Gordonstoun, a boarding school in Elgin, Scotland, in 1939, where he spent the majority of his high school years. This was just before he went off and enrolled at the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth.

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PA Archive/Press Association Images



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