One Tree Hill’s Biggest Betrayals

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There was no shortage of drama on One Tree Hill, from romantic relationships to friendships, to issues with family, it was rare when everybody was getting along. While watching characters betray each other is never a “best” moment of the show, it is what fuels all dramas and the writers of One Tree Hill always knew how to keep audiences on their toes with the most shocking fights and betrayals. Unlike a lot of teen drama series, the impacts of these betrayals were much more consequential than just the end of a friendship or a relationship, only adding to the intrigue of the show. Check out One Tree Hill’s Biggest Betrayals.

9. Brooke and Rachel

There can only be one Queen Bee in Tree Hill, something Rachel Gatina simply did not understand when she waltzed into the town and tried to steal Brooke Davis’s boyfriend, cheerleading squad and best friend. The pair went from enemies to friends and back to hating each other pretty quickly, resulting in quite a few backstabbing moments being exchanged. Some of them were funny, like when Rachel outed Brooke for “Brooking herself,” but also not so funny, like when Brooke exposed Rachel’s surgeries and former life as a “fat kid.”

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8. Jules and Keith

Keith Scott was one of the most likable, kind-hearted characters on the show and all fans wanted was to see him happy, and when Jules entered the picture, it seemed like true love. It didn’t take long, however, to find out that Keith’s own brother had hired Jules to break Keith’s heart as a way for Dan to get back at his brother for sleeping with Deb, Dan’s wife. Of course, Keith only found out the truth on the day of his wedding, leaving poor Keith completely heartbroken.

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7. Taylor and Quinn

Although Haley comes from a big family, fans only got introduced to her sisters Taylor and Quinn in the second and seventh season, but that was all that was needed for a lot of drama. Taylor has always been the “black sheep” and didn’t make many fans for herself when it was discovered she was the first person Nathan had slept with (before he met Haley) and continued to flirt with him after he and Haley got together. Nothing was worse, however, than when Taylor showed up at a family dinner with none other than her sister Quinn’s ex-husband David as her date. If dating your sister’s ex-husband isn’t betrayal than there is no explaining what is.

6. Victoria and Brooke

For many seasons, Brooke Davis’s parents were merely talked about and not seen; however, the character of Victoria Davis took a major role in Season 5 after the four year jump following high school graduation in the show. While Brooke had in a way been betrayed by Victoria for many years before they went into business together, it got even worse when Victoria tried to force Brooke out of control of her own company and even told her she never wanted a child, but always wanted her own clothing line. The biggest betrayal, however, was when Victoria falsified profit reports resulting in a fraud lawsuit against Clothes Over Bros and an unknowing Brooke getting arrested, and of course, the ultimate sale of the company which Brooke had devoted her life to since she was a teenager.

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5. Nanny Carrie

While Nanny Carrie was clearly unstable, that wasn’t clear when Haley and Nathan first hired her to help out with Jamie while Haley worked and Nathan recovered from his accident. They trusted her in their home and with their child, and not only did she try to break up Nathan and Haley by trying to seduce Nathan, she kidnapped their son and would have killed Dan!

4. Haley Goes On Tour

Many fans of the show had their opinion of Haley James Scott abruptly changed when she made the shocking decision to leave Nathan without a word to go on tour with Chris Keller. She not only broke Nathan’s heart, but broke his trust and left him sullen and depressed, without even trying to reach out to him in the time she was gone. She also betrayed her friends by leaving without saying goodbye and leaving them to try to help Nathan cope.

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3. Peyton and Brooke’s Fight

Through everything, it seemed Brooke and Peyton’s friendship had actually come to an end in Season 4, Episode 15. While the two had seemingly overcome a drawn out battle for Lucas, a feud erupted again after a sex tape from the past revealed Nathan and Brooke once hooked up after he had fought with Peyton. It all culminated in a scene where the two actually brawled on Peyton’s front lawn and Peyton declared that Brooke is dead to her.

2. Lucas and Peyton Cheat

Of course, one of Peyton’s biggest issues with Brooke’s sex tape with Nathan from the past was that Brooke cut Peyton out after she cheated with Lucas, only to learn Brooke had once slept with her boyfriend too, as she and Nathan were still together when the sex tape happened. Regardless, for best friends it was the ultimate treachery when Peyton and Lucas began seeing each other behind Brooke’s back.

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1. Dan Kills Keith

There was never a more shocking moment on the show than when Dan goes into Tree Hill High, seemingly to help his sons and younger brother who were in there during a school shooting only to turn the gun on Keith and pull the trigger. While many people may feel envious of their siblings at some point, for Dan to kill his brother in cold blood is without a doubt the show’s biggest betrayal.

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