One Tree Hill: Chris Keller’s 10 Funniest Moments

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One Tree Hill had an excellent mixture and balance of drama and humor and, throughout the span of the show, a lot of that was thanks to Chris Keller, played by Tyler Hilton. Keller may not have been a major character on the show, but he dominated every episode he was in, with his ego, one-liners and by talking about himself in the third person. While the humor just rolled off the tongue with him, he also had his fair share of physical comedy moments, resulting in him being a form of comedic relief that could always be counted on, especially when interacting with Nathan.

10. Season 3, Episode 7

Somehow Chris always gets involved when he has no right to, including in the Tree Hill girls “Fantasy Dates Draft.” While all of the other guys go to high school with them, somehow Keller still gets drafted… by Brooke. To get her date with Nathan, Haley forces Brooke to go out with Chris leading to the most awkward and entertaining group date ever, all beginning with a walk on the beach where Chris Keller proves why it’s so hard to like him sometimes.

9. Season 3, Episode 7 (Part 2)

Later on in the episode Chris and Brooke end up together celebrating the fact that Brooke’s designs were turned into clothes and, as to be expected Chris is trying to convince Brooke they should hook-up. Of course Brooke rebuffs his advances for awhile but, since Chris doesn’t understand rejection, he only responds with, “I get it. It’s late, I’m attractive, it scares you,” and when Brooke gets drunk and says, “Lucas is the one for me,” Chris responds with, “Actually my name is Chris.”

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8. Season 9, Episode 3

No matter how many times he is insulted and/or shut down by women, the ever arrogant Chris Keller still thinks he is a smooth-talking ladies man. Part of his role was his obsession with pretty women, which led to a hilarious Chris Keller moment in season 9 where he uses the internship at Red Bedroom Records as a way to hit on women applying for the job. At first Keller doesn’t want anything to do with it, but after he realizes that attractive women are the applicants, the whole story changes resulting in a classic, and hilarious Chris Keller scene.

7.  Season 2, Episode 22

At the point where Chris actually convinced Haley to leave Nathan behind and go on tour, fans were pretty sure they didn’t like him, and while he was funny, it was also great watching humor at his expense. When Brooke and Lucas go to New York to visit Haley, Brooke ends up having a hilarious interaction with Chris Keller in the hotel where she tells him off and then makes fun of his ego. There’s a reason Brooke is probably the best character on the show and her own wit and putting Chris in his place are two of the reasons why, especially in this episode.

6. Season 9, Episode 10

Chris Keller is known for his brutal honesty and telling it as it is, which although sometimes rude is always funny, and even funnier in serious situations. Somehow the team that goes to help a kidnapped Nathan ends up being Dan, Julian, and yes, Chris. While Dan is a hardened criminal and not someone anyone would want to mess with, Keller doesn’t seem like the rescuer type, which even he admits as he is “too pretty to go to prison.” In his world everything is always about Chris Keller, even when there is a semi-dead guy in the trunk and Nathan to be rescued.

5. Season 9, Episode 10 (Part 2)

Since he was an important character but not in every episode, episodes heavily featuring Chris Keller have quite a few good moments throughout. After the “Chris Keller is too pretty to go to prison” scene, the guys had to actually act out their plan on taking on the bad guys leading to another great scene. While it was Keller’s job to take out the guy on watch, he was not impressed when they switched guards leaving Chris to deal with the big guy. It’s a truly hilarious scene. “Chris Keller’s work here is done!”

4. Season 3, Episode 9

In season 3, things were still tense between Haley and Nathan after she went on tour with Chris Keller, which meant Nathan and Chris were definitely not friends, but their hate for each other is what made their scenes together so funny. “How a Resurrection Really Feels,” is an iconic Nathan-Chris episode in which they have to be partners in a poker tournament aboard a boat, but one of the best moments occurs before they even get there. In the car is where Chris tells Nathan that the way they are getting their money back is through poker and then tells him Dan paid him to seduce Haley.

3. Season 3, Episode 9 (Part 2)

In the same episode, the two end up having to jump off the boat to get away from getting beat up and wind up in a dark forest where Chris continues the confessions telling Nathan he kissed Haley. Nathan punches Chris not once but three times and while watching Chris get punched is entertaining enough, the dialogue back and forth is priceless. Chris: “Woah you think Emmanuelle is a dude?” Nathan: “EmMANuelle has an Adam’s apple.” Chris: “Oops.” At this point we were still on the fence about liking Chris Keller, which made it funny to see Nathan hit him, but also made us like him more for being funny and honest for once.

2. Season 9, Episode 3 (Part 2)

Sometimes Chris Keller doesn’t even have to speak to be funny and such is the case in one of his best scenes. After his internship debacle, Keller goes to the restaurant where, after he complains a little too much, Haley puts him on cook duty. The show flashes to Keller battling a kitchen fire, screaming his head off only to have Haley come and save him, which is only made better because, when Haley asked “You can cook, right?” he responded with a classic line, “Chris Keller can do it all baby.”

1. Season 4, Episode 1

In season 4, One Tree Hill held a competition for one town to win a prom with the cast and Honeygrove, Texas won and also happens to be the first episode Chris Keller is seen in since “How A Resurrection Really Feels,” in season 3 and the last until season 9, episode 1. His entrance was perfect, after the group gets stranded and needs a ride, a tour bus pulls up, which they hope is someone like the Foo Fighters, but out jumps Chris Keller. Fans knew this was going to be funny, but no-one was prepared for his lines, which brought Keller back in full force. “You’re looking a little plump Hales.” Haley: “I’m pregnant, you idiot!”

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