Days Of Our Lives: Nicole Walker’s 7 Love Interests Ranked From Worst To Best

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5. Lucas Roberts

Despite failed relationships with the Kiriakis brothers, another low relationship in Nicole’s life had to be when she hooked up and married Lucas Roberts. A gold digger at the time, Nicole was in love with money and Lucas showered her with that, as well as attention. He wanted to gain full custody of Will, and thought that Nicole was the perfect wife/step-mom candidate to fight Sami with. The two got hitched, Nicole scored a cool five million dollars in the process and the relationship fizzled shortly after as there was no real love between these two.

Source: Fanpop/NBC


4. E.J. DiMera

Nicole fell head-over-heels in love with E.J DiMera. He was handsome, rich, and powerful. There are all traits that interested Walker way back in the day. The two even got married twice and the only downfall to this relationship was that Nicole was in love with E.J. while DiMera only cared for Nicole. He was far more smitten on Sami Brady, Nicole’s nemesis.