Days Of Our Lives’ 7 Most Ridiculous Deaths

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5. Marina Toscano Hits Her Head And Dies?

While best known for her role on the Bold and the Beautiful, Hunter Tylo had a brief role on DOOL. She was a manipulative character that strolled into Salem in search of a key that unlocked her family’s fortune. She also had a sister Isabella, who she had locked up in a mental institution. Isabella escaped and in 1990 headed to visit her sister in her hotel room. While Isabella did have a gun, the two ladies struggled and Marina hit her head when she fell to the floor. She died instantly. Stefano escaped death after three shots to the stomach … but this one dies after simply hitting her head? Ridiculous!

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4. RIP Patch

In 1990, Steve Johnson decided to become a police officer, and while patrolling the streets of Salem, he noticed something weird. A boat had a card within it that was to Bo Brady, from Lawrence Alamain. Before Steve could think twice, the boat exploded and Steve was left in a coma. That didn’t kill our DOOL hero and that is exactly what Alamain wanted! While in the hospital trying to recover, Lawrence poisoned Steve’s IV, thus killing Steve. What are the chances that anyone could pull something like this off? Aren’t hospitals well-guarded? Guess that’s soap operas for you!