6 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (November 30)

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Make sure there’s a box (or several boxes) of tissue nearby while watching Days of Our Lives (DOOL) this week. It promises to be another emotional tear-jerker, filled with twists and turns around each corner. What will happen with Hope, Abigail, Chad, Ben and all your other favorite characters? Check out the DOOL weekly spoilers, below.

6. Saying Goodbye to Bo

Just as residents were welcoming their hero Bo Brady back, just like that, they are laying him to rest. Tears are shed by all, and Hope promises to seek revenge. Steve is cautious when it comes to this plot of justice from her, but he still provides Hope with some helpful intel. She also learns of Bo’s abductors from Claudia. Then things get heated when Hope sees Dr. Malcolm, Bo’s abductor, up close. Hope makes a huge choice, and has someone rooting for her while she does this.

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5. Things Heat Up For a Super Couple

Trapped together, Steve and Kayla find themselves in a romantic encounter. Their current stalker is also revealed and they start to make future plans while unaware of an upcoming threat.

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4. Old Salem Friends Return

Ava Vitali comes back to Salem, scorned over wrongful acts she believes has been done to her. Joey turns out to be her accomplice, and she thanks him for everything he has done. Phillip Kiriakis also returns, with new plans for Titan.

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3. Will Abigail Escape Ben?

Chad and Rafe are on the road to finding a frightened Abigail, attempting to locate where she is. While Lani and J.J. join the search, Chad is the one that finds her. Ben loses his mind when he sees Chad, and devises a plan to have the couple die together. He ties them to the bed, splashes lighter fluid on them, and set it on fire — all the while tormenting the couple the entire time. Abigail and Chad beg for help, as he leaves them with Abigail’s baby boy in tow.

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2. Brady Drama

Belle tells Marlena and John about her failed marriage with Shawn-Douglas, and then begs him for one more chance. While he still does love her, he feels stupid about being cheated on…again! Belle is then pushed right into Sami’s current situation.

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1. More Spoilers!

Brady chooses Teresa over Victor and Titan and Caroline is distraught when she has a vision about Victor. Later, Flynn can’t stop flirting with Nicole, so much so that Daniel steps in. Gabi and Paul are given offers they may not be able to refuse and Theo gets an anonymous text that is quite mean.

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