5 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (June 12)

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What’s on tap this week for Days of Our Lives (DOOL)? More island craziness, a little bit of island love, and plenty of marriage and divorce talk! Learn more about these storylines and more in the DOOL spoilers below for the week of June 12th.

5. Island Craziness

There will be more craziness on the island as Paul continues with his violent rage. The need for him to harm his friends on the island will not slow down one bit this week. In fact, Paul will place a knife to Sonny’s throat at some point! While he does come to his senses, Paul is shocked that he almost killed his boyfriend. Sonny believes in Paul, but sadly, Sonny needs some sort of cure for his illness and fast.

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4. Johnson Drama

Tripp’s on a mission this week to bring his stepmom Kayla down. Tripp blames Kayla for murdering his mom, Ava – and this is partly in thanks to Jade. As this story progresses, Kayla will have some shocking setbacks at work. Tripp is out for revenge and it seems Kayla is his number one target.

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3. Enter: Anjelica Deveraux

Meanwhile Kayla’s husband Steve continues his search for the threat against sister Adrienne. As he is on the path to finding out more information, he shockingly learns that Anjelica Deveraux is behind all this. Look for Morgan Fairchild to soon enter the Salem scene and take on the role of Deveraux. She’s got a crazy and vicious plot and her storyline is sure to be a fun one.

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2. Marriages And Divorces

Andre and Kate will move forward with their wedding plans as Kate still has aspirations about becoming DiMera Enterprises’ CEO. Harold, their butler, will be a witness. Speaking of weddings, Dario is desperate to tie the knot with Abigail and will push her into speeding up her divorce with Chad this week. Despite having a ‘bad’ feeling about it all, it seems she’ll go through with it.

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1. More Spoilers!

Chad and Gabi get a little closer on the island this week, as they let go of their inhibitions and follow their instincts. Speaking of which, tape trouble is on the horizon for Theo and Claire. As well, Nicole will face what her punishment for taking Baby Holly on the run will be. Some incredible scenes are lined up that DOOL fans won’t want to miss.

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