5 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (July 31)

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As we head into the middle of summer, things continue to heat up in Salem when it comes to the drama department. Abigail struggles for her life; Kayla gets attacked; and Marlena is locked up in a sanitarium. Learn about these stories and more, in the Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for the week of July 31st:

5. Abigail’s Life On The Line

Abigail will be fighting for her life this week after saving Chad’s. Mom Jenn and brother JJ will be at the hospital with Chad to hear updates. The good news is Abigail undergoes surgery and the procedure is a success. The bad news? She has long recovery road. DOOL spoilers indicate that once the entire truth is revealed, Chad will realize he is in love with Abby, and Gabi will feel terrible when she hears Chad declare this. Chad also decides to go to the police and admit to killing Deimos. While he may not have been the killer, he feels confessing is what should be done. However, Chad decides he will do this once Abby feels better.

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4. Father-Son Issues

Steve figures out for certain that son Tripp has framed his wife, Kayla. Still, he needs proof. As he scrambles for this, Kayla gets reinstated at the hospital. Tripp learns of this and loses it. Still, this anger will drive Tripp to attack Kayla for murdering Ava. DOOL spoilers indicate that help will arrive just when Kayla needs it.

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3. Eric Chats With Dad

Eric is struggling with a lot of emotional issues this week and turns to his dad, Roman, for advice. This conversation has Eric wanting to be honest with how he feels about Nicole. He needs to think about this and how it will affect the current friendship they have. Still, Brady knows how Eric feels; in fact, he can see that both he and Nicole still have feelings for each other.

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2. Brady’s Fear

Brady sees the feelings between Eric and Nicole and his fear is now that Eric has been forgiven by Nicole they are going to hook up. He wants to stop this reunion before it goes any further. Sadly, Brady is on edge about this and lashes out on Nicole after she tells him some small white lies this week. Seems like this couple’s relationship status is a bit shaky.

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1. Marlena Locked Up

Oh wow — a lookalike swap storyline is headed to Salem with someone ending up in a sanitarium! This has never happened on a soap opera before! That someone who is locked up this week is Marlena, thanks to her not-so-nice lookalike Hattie. Seems like Hattie’s plan is working out nicely, but as we soap fans know, this lock up and swap won’t last that long before someone starts to notice that something is up.

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