Days of Our Lives’ 7 Best Love Triangles

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5. J.J., Paige, and Eve

Never a good thing to get involved with a girl and her mother. Back and in 2014, J.J. Deveraux did just that. He fell in love with Paige Larson even though her mother, Eve Donovan, did not approve. Eve disliked J.J. and Paige being together so much that she was consistently scheming that year to break them up. Paige and J.J. would have a fallout and that would open up a door to a one-night stand with Eve. While both Eve and J.J. were vulnerable at the time, they would continue to develop feelings for each other. It wasn’t a good situation for either J.J. or Eve, but it made for great television.

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4. Marlena, Roman, and John

In the late ‘80s and early ‘90s this love triangle was all the rage. Marlena fell in love with Roman Brady and built a little family with him. Stefano would kill Roman; however, years later it was revealed that he was not dead and Roman would return to Salem with a different face. Many years after that it would come to be that the returning Roman was actually John Black and not Roman Brady at all. Still following? It did get a tad messy with Marlena having an affair on Roman with John, but when everything was said and done, Marlena realized that John Black was her true love.

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