15 of Hollywood’s Most Expensive Divorces!

Most celebrity relationships seem destined for failure from the beginning and putting a ring on it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to last forever. Some of Hollywood’s richest and most successful stars have made mistakes in love – mistakes that ended up costing them millions (sometimes hundreds of millions) of dollars. Here are 15 of Hollywood’s most expensive divorces. Can you guess who landed at number 1?

15. Donald and Ivana Trump

Donald and Ivana were married on April 7th, 1977. Rumors began to circulate in late 1990 that Donald was having an affair with Georgia’s former beauty queen, Marla Maples. Ivana and Marla came face to face in Aspen, Colorado. She filed for divorce in 1991. After 15 years of marriage and 3 children, the divorce was finalized. She reportedly received a settlement of $25 million.

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