All The Salacious Details From Bobby Flay and Stephanie March’s Divorce

Celebrity chef Bobby Flay has been making headlines for the past month and not for anything good. He’s the midst of a really messy divorce from Stephanie March and both of them have been leaking information about the other to the press. She wants their prenuptial agreement thrown out and he wants to honor it. With the prenup, March doesn’t stand to get a whole lot out of the divorce except $5000 a month plus all the memories – both good and bad. While many of us wouldn’t have really cared who Flay and March were before, we certainly care now. We love a messy divorce, full of secrets and scandals and Flay and March definitely have that. Here is what they have been fighting about:

Affair with January Jones

Back in 2010, it was first reported that Bobby Flay was having an affair with January Jones. This came to light when she got into a car accident and called Flay. These two, by their own accounts, were barely acquaintances. They had reportedly been at the same party before the accident and had exchanged numbers because Jones wanted to get the name of his decorator. No one believed that. Everyone suspected that he was sleeping with Jones behind his wife Stephanie March’s back.

Now that they are divorcing, In Touch Weekly is claiming that March has accused Flay in court papers of committing adultery with Jones multiple times during the early months of 2010.

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Affair with Giada de Laurentiis Affair

Bobby Flay is rumored to have had an affair with his longtime friend, Giada de Laurentiis. Right before she announced her separate from Todd Thompson this past January, she was spotted having dinner and drinks with Flay. Adding to fuel to the fire, a Food Network source claiming that there was a mutual attraction: “Their chemistry has been no secret at all to people around them.” It was only a few months after de Laurentiis separated from Thompson that Flay announced his separation from his wife of 10 years, Stephanie March.

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Canceled Credit Cards

After filing for divorce, Bobby Flay canceled the credit card that Stephanie March uses for household expenses. According to March’s lawyer, Flay is trying to pressure her into issuing a joint press release saying the split was amicable. The split has been anything but. Flay is reportedly demanding that March sign a settlement agreement or he will force her out of their marital home, which she shares with her sick mother.

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Three-Year Affair with his Assistant

According to a friend of Stephanie March’s, Bobby Flay had had been carrying on an affair with one of his young employees, a woman by the name of Elyse Tirrell, for three years. She has worked for Flay since 2008 as a hostess at Bar Americain in Midtown and as his assistant.

March found out about the affair around Thanksgiving and was ready to throw in the towel then, but he tried to save the marriage. Everything came to an end, however, when he agreed to appear at Miami’s South Beach Wine & Food Festival. He brought Tirrell and a number of other assistants with him. When he came home, March reportedly asked him to move on and then he filed for divorce.

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The Prenuptial Agreement

At the heart of Bobby Flay and Stephanie March’s divorce battle is the prenuptial agreement. Under its terms, Flay is only required to March $5,000 a month and he wants to enforce this. March’s camp, however, is contesting the prenup, calling it “unenforceable.” They argue that she helped him to become wildly successful. She taste tested his recipes, sampled a number of menu items at their home and she was also heavily involved in the design and ambience of all the Flay’s restaurants.

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Botched Boob Job

As many of us have already heard, Stephanie March has had some health problems. She has had a burst appendix, as well as three deep infections. Because of this, she is unable to find work as an actress and the prenup, which will provide $5,000 a month, creates undo financial hardship on her.

Flay told the judge in their divorce case that her infections are because she got a bad boob job; however, she claims that the revelations about his infidelity compromised her physical and mental health.

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A Racehorse Bobby Flay Bought Stephanie March

Bobby Flay reportedly bought Stephanie March a champion racehorse back in 2009 for their fourth wedding anniversary and then pocketed all $130,000 of its winnings. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he sold the horse for $60,000 and kept all that money for himself too.

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