10 Things You Didn’t Know About General Hospital Star Kelly Monaco

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8. Baywatch Body Double

While many fans might know Kelly’s first television job was working as “Susan” on Baywatch in 1997, what some may not realize is she also had another role on the show. Her co-star Carmen Electra wasn’t able to swim, so Kelly would often fill in for her as a body double from time-to-time when required.



7. Philanthropist

Kelly isn’t only a talented actress and dancer, she also works hard to make a real difference. In 2009, along with other soap opera celebrities, she participated in the Feed the Children initiative. As part of the project, she headed to Kenya to pass out food and supplies to those in need. She visited orphanages and schools in that area at that time too. She has also worked on the iParticipate program in the past with other GH colleagues, volunteering to help a school in LA with remodeling.

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