General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (September 2, 2019)

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Nina becomes overwhelmed as Sasha’s situation becomes even more dire, this week on General Hospital (GH). Also, Elizabeth keeps a level head as Kim and Franco get closer. Also, Julian will become defensive and Liesl Obrecht will get what she wants. Learn more below in the GH spoilers for the week of September 2, 2019.

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9. Labor Day Pre-emption

Due to the upcoming Labor Day holiday, GH will air an encore episode on September 2. The repeat involves Willow’s recounting of her Dawn of Day experiences to Kristina; Kevin and Ava pretending to be involved to lure out Ryan of hiding; and Finn informing Jordan that the antibiotics she was taking were not working. GH will return with a new episode on September 3.

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8. Defensive Julian

GH Spoilers tease Julian will be defensive this week. Will he once again be forced to defend his decision to move to Manhattan to his friends and family this week? His son Lucas and husband Brad certainly don’t want him to leave and neither does his sister Ava. Or, will Julian be defending himself to Kim after his rejection of her marriage proposal?  Either way, it looks like Julian will be on the hot seat.

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7. Kidnapping Plot?

Rumor has it, Liesl Obrecht will get what she wants this week. Some rumors point to another date with Jax, but could it be more sinister than that? Spoilers tease that once Franco’s ankle monitor is detached, Liesl will kidnap him. It wouldn’t be the first time she’s done something like this – viewers will recall Liesl also kidnapped Peter and had him tied up in a cabin. Will she do the same to Franco?

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6. Nina Overwhelmed

Spoilers indicate Epiphany will deliver some grim news this week about Sasha. As hope fades for her recovery, Nina will feel emotionally and physically compromised. She wants to retaliate against Cassandra for seeking revenge on her by giving her daughter the Avian Flu. Nina also feels helpless in the face of such naked hatred. She has already begun lashing out at anyone who will listen, as she pleads that someone – anyone – help her daughter.

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5. Sasha Believes She Will Die

Speaking of Sasha, in her mind she is preparing for death. So, will she want to make amends and come clean for what she’s done – namely, lying to Nina for months while she pretended to be her daughter? Certainly, Valentin will not want her to make any sort of deathbed confession. If Sasha does decide to confess to Nina, will Valentin try to stop her?

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4. Elizabeth Keeps A Level Head

Rumor has it that although Liz has been distraught over her crumbling relationship with Franco, this week she’s going to focus on her son, who is having a hard time accepting he and his mother’s new reality. Cameron blames himself for what happened to Franco since Franco took Drew’s memories to protect him. Spoilers tease that although he will help Liz out at home, he’ll also become confrontational later in the week.

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3. Cousin Gladys Worried

Spoilers tease Mike’s cousin Gladys will be back in Port Charles this week. Viewers know she’s pretending to be Dev’s grandmother so Dev can stay in the U.S. and Sonny has paid her off. But is she looking for more cash from Sonny? Or have authorities become suspicious of her and she’s afraid she’ll end up going to prison because of Sonny’s scheme?

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2. Cameron Lashes Out

Cameron was in complete shock when he saw Franco and Kim kissing in Oscar’s meadow. He was on his way to confront them, but Jason stopped him just before he had the chance. Rumor has it, he will be looking to lash out at someone this week. But who will he choose as the object of his fury?

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1. Rekindling The Past

GH spoilers indicate that as Liz and Franco grow farther apart, Kim and Franco will grow closer. Franco has Drew’s memories – a Drew who was madly in love with Kim – and he will continue to seek her out this week. Although Kim is with Julian and even proposed marriage to him last week, she will continue to find herself drawn to Franco. Will Kim start to wonder if Franco could give her the baby she’s been seeking? Keep watching to find out!

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