General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (November 26, 2018)

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The smell of turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and all the fixings is still lingering in the land of Port Charles … as well as the drama! What can General Hospital (GH) fans expect this week? A wedding, a father-son bonding session, a couple gets a little closer, and more. Learn about what will unravel in the next five days by checking out the below GH spoilers for the week of November 26, 2018.

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9. Curtis And Jordan’s Wedding

Diving into GH spoilers with some great news, especially for fans of Jordan and Curtis. Turns out the two will share a beautiful wedding together, and happily say their “I do’s” in front of family and friends. No wedding drama here, just some nice moments for a couple that deserves some happiness.

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8. Michael and Wiley Bond

Get ready to watch Brad sweat! Michael will spend some time with Wiley this week, and again feel a connection to the baby. Somehow, the child will be at Sonny and Carly’s Thanksgiving gathering and Michael will bond with the little one, leaving Brad reeling in the background.

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7. Laura Confides In Lulu

GH spoilers indicate that Laura will feel crushed that “Kevin” has moved on so quickly and she’ll turn to Lulu about it. She confides in her daughter that she just doesn’t get what he sees in Ava, and she’ll be worried about the path he is headed on. While it makes zero sense to Laura, it makes total sense to GH fans, as we know all about the twin switch! In other related GH spoilers, “Kevin” will dote on Ava this week.

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6. Maxie and Peter

GH spoilers indicate that Maxie and Peter will get a little closer this week. It’s clear that the two are a super couple in the making, as they slowly move from friends to a little bit more. How long will it take for these two to finally hook up? Only time will tell!

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5. Ned Feels Uneasy

Guess who’s coming to a Quartermaine Thanksgiving dinner? Former mob boss Julian Jerome! This will have Ned feel a little uneasy to say the least, but will he have any choice in the matter? In other Quartermaine GH spoilers, Monica will ensure to take some precautions this week, and perhaps this has something to do with Oscar.

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4. Nina’s World

GH spoilers indicate that Nina will have her hands full this week, and this might have to do with Sasha. In other Nina spoilers, she and little Charlotte will bond this week, as they spend some quality time together. GH spoilers indicate that Nina will take Charlotte to the ballet.

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3. Oscar Drama

GH spoilers tease that Kim will be disappointed earlier on in the week, and this might have to do with Oscar. As the week progresses, spoilers indicate that Oscar will meet with his parents, so here’s hoping that these three can sort their issues out soon, and reunite as a family.

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2. Josslyn Figures Things Out

Speaking of, GH spoilers hint that Josslyn will catch on to something. Could it be Oscar’s plan to push her away? Or will she figure out Cameron’s role in the entire thing? It’s quite possible she figures out what both boys have been up to. She is her mother’s daughter!

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1. More Spoilers!

GH spoilers indicate that Britt will get a visit from Anna this week, so expect some interesting scenes between Devane and Westbourne. Meanwhile, Griffin is given some awful news, and it seems like Curtis is going to have to give some terrible news to someone this week. Lastly, Carly and Sonny will review the options given to them.

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