General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (November 23, 2020)

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Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! As November sweeps come to an end, the drama in Port Charles continues to heat up! Sonny tries to deal with devastating news while Molly and Sam worry about their mom. Also, Carly helps Brando. Learn about these storylines and others in the GH spoilers for the week of November 23, 2020.

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9. Sonny’s Devastated

GH spoilers imply that the Corinthos family will have some major drama this week, and it seems as if Sonny will be given some devastating news. Does this have to do with Cyrus and Julian’s plan? In other news with Sonny, as the days go by, teasers suggest that Sonny will have to make a decision around doing what’s best for his family.

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8. Carly’s World

Speaking of Sonny’s family, GH spoilers hint that Carly will anxiously anticipate news early on in the week. Does this have to do with Sasha? Added teasers also suggest that Carly will do what she can to help Brando in the coming days. After all, he did help Sasha when she needed him the most.

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7. Dante and Dustin

Across town, things will get a little awkward next week between Dustin and Dante. According to GH spoilers, the two men will find that they share something in common. Could Lulu, Rocco, or Charlotte be in trouble? The only thing similar between these guys is Lulu and the family, so here’s hoping everyone is okay.

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6. Cameron Is Hurt

GH spoilers indicate that Cameron will be injured in the coming days. The teaser doesn’t offer a lot of information, so he could be hurt badly, or this might be a minor injury. Could a medical emergency be what Joss needs to tell him how she truly feels? This could drive them together, and also help them figure out what Dev has been up to.

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5. Laura’s Derailed

GH spoilers imply that while she’ll continue to be on a mission to stop Cyrus, Mac may derail things for Laura this week. Seems like we’ll be seeing a lot of Mac Scorpio in the coming days, as added teasers indicate that Maxie will be looking for him. What could she want or need to chat about? In other related teasers, Kevin will have bad news for Laura.

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4. Ava’s Ultimatum

GH spoilers state that Julian will ask his sister for a favor this week. As the days progress, Ava will lay an ultimatum down for her brother. What will his answer be, and will he even have a “choice” in the matter? In other Julian news, Ava won’t be the only female in Jerome’s life that won’t be pleased with him, as Sam leaves her dad hanging.

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3. Sam and Molly

Sam and Molly will get together this week to talk about Alexis and try and figure out a way to get their mom back on track. In other GH spoilers related to Sam, she’ll believe she’s not getting the entire story from someone. Could this have to do with Julian, or perhaps Jason?

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2. More Spoilers!

Will Brad be onscreen this week? GH spoilers hint that Britt Westbourne will be there for him when he has a nightmare. Speaking of support, some feel-good teasers imply that Scott will lend a hand and an ear to daughter-in-law Elizabeth this week, as she deals with a crisis. Baldwin can be such a softy when he wants to be!

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1. Program Notice

GH won’t be seen on Thursday, November 26th or Friday, November 27th due to the American Thanksgiving holiday. The soap will air a rebroadcasted show on Thursday, which is a December 2019 episode where A Christmas Carol is brought to the land of Port Chuckles and Finn plays Scrooge. Meanwhile, GH will be pre-empted on Friday for college football. Programming will resume on Monday, November 30th.

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