General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (June 8, 2020)

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Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! While everyone’s bummed about the fact that there are no new episodes to watch at this point in time, it has certainly been a fun stroll down memory lane in the land of Port Charles as of late! What episodes will be spotlighted this coming week? Check out the GH spoilers for the week of June 8, 2020:

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9. Theme Week

Continuing to stroll down through the Nurse’s Ball, this week’s classic episodes will focus on the gala, circa 2018 and 2019! Fans can expect to see some incredible performances by Josslyn Jax, Mike and Sonny, Ava Jerome, Valentine Cassadine, Ned and Olivia Quartermaine, Chase Harrison, and the GH nurse’s “welcoming” number.

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8. Storyline Highlights

Outside of the Nurses Ball numbers, GH fans can look forward to reliving some incredible storylines of the past. From Sam gaining momentum when it came to her investigation on Peter (somethings never change), to the Alexis-Finn-Anna love triangle saga, it’ll be a fun and interesting week for avid viewers of the soap opera.

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7. Characters Fans Miss

For those of you who miss certain GH characters of the past, this week’s episodes will highlight fan favorites of the past like Kiki Jerome, Oscar Nero, Sonny’s dad Mike (during a time when he was much stronger), Griffin Munroe, and Shiloh – for those fans who loved to hate him!

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6. Sneak Peak To Week To The Following Week

It’s important to note that this week ends the three-week tribute to GH’s Nurse’s Ball of the past! Coming the week of June 15th, fans will revisit the highs and lows around the rocky rollercoaster of a relationship between Carly and Sonny Corinthos! Relive the good moments, and some the tumultuous ones, between one of Port Charles’ most popular super couples. Stay for more details on episodes coming next week!

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5. Finn’s Apologetic and Fans Get To See Oscar

Originally aired on May 18, 2018, Monday’s episode spotlights a very apologetic Finn Hamilton, while Peter finds that his plans are delayed. On the other side of town, Nina will see Valentin beg for her forgiveness, and Griffin will be enticed by Ava. In other storylines, fans will get to see Oscar once again, as he connects with girlfriend Joss.

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4. Valentin Walks a Fine Line 

Aired on May 21, 2018, Valentin will walk a fine line with someone … Nina perhaps? Meanwhile, Anna will be nervous about something, and Lucy will say she’s sorry to someone. Kiki will be misunderstood on a matter, while Maxie will have Peter stand by her side. If anything, Peter has always been committed to Maxie!

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3. Jason Gets a Frantic Call

Rewind to about a year ago, things looked so different in the land of Port Charles! Originally aired on May 20th, 2019, Jason will get a frantic call from someone while Peter will share an idea of Molly’s with Maxie. Also, Sonny will work hard to smooth things over with Mike; Anna will feel confused; and Bobbie supports someone in need.

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2. Kristina Confronts Sam

First airing on May 21, 2019, Sam will be confronted by Kristina on something … ah, sisters! Meanwhile, Anna will still be perplexed about a situation, and Joss will find a sweet note (bet it was from Oscar). Ava will struggle around a situation while Sonny will remain supportive of someone.

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1. More Nurses Ball

Rounding off the last Nurses Ball rerun of the year, this episode originally ran on May 22, 2019. Willow will do her best (this might be around her NB number); meanwhile, Joss will place her a good foot forward. On the other side of storylines, Ava will duck out of the event early; Lucas will connect some dots; and Sam leaves the gala with Shiloh (yuck and boo, but we all know how it works out in the end).

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