General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (June 21, 2021)

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Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! What’s on tap in the land of Port Charles over the next week? Elizabeth and Finn “team up” to save Chase, as things continue to get complicated for Willow and Michael. Also, Maxie desperately wants to see Louise. Learn about these storylines and others in the below GH spoilers for the week of June 21, 2021.

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9. Elizabeth and Finn

GH spoilers hint that Elizabeth and Finn will team up to try and save Chase this week; however, added teasers note that it might be too late. With that said, this is the land of Port Charles, and keeping Harrison alive will only enhance the storyline at this point especially as it relates to Michael and Willow.

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8. Things Get Complicated

Speaking of Millow, GH spoilers state that things will get complicated between Michael and Willow this week. How could things get any more challenging for these two at this point? After all, Willow is about to marry another man, despite her love for Corinthos. Could she realize she’s expecting? That could complicate things! In other teasers, BLQ will encourage Michael to come forward, and be honest. A little ironic, considering all the secrets she’s been hiding as of late!

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7. Maxie Wants To See Her Baby

More drama for Brook Lynn this week, as GH spoilers indicate that she’ll desperately want to see Baby Louise. In fact, she’ll show up at the Quartermaine mansion, much to BLQ’s surprise! In added teasers, Dante will offer an update on his search. As the days go by, Jordan will fill Anna Devane in on what Falconeri has uncovered. Lastly, Anna may recruit Valentin to help search for Maxie’s missing baby (and Peter), as other spoilers note that Dr. Austin might be able to help her and Cassadine with something.

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6. Grieving Sonny

GH spoilers suggest that Nina will be taken aback when she runs into Michael at the cemetery, visiting Sonny’s grave. Will Reeves start to feel guilty, knowing what she knows? In other news, Liz and Carly will bond over their recent losses. Lastly, added teasers state that Jason and Carly will have to figure out the impacts of their relationship now that she’s made such progress within the Five Families.

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5. Jason and Britt

Across town, GH spoilers suggest that things could get awkward when Jason and Britt run into each other at the gym. As Friday hits, Jason will need some help with something, and Brick will be there by his side. Lastly, Gladys will fully recover in the coming days, and immediately start pushing Sasha’s buttons. Sounds like Mrs. Corbin will be just fine, after all, but could become a thorn in Brando and Sasha’s side!

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4. Molly and TJ Have A Rollercoaster Week!

It’ll be a fun time in Port Charles as TJ and Molly celebrate their five-month anniversary! However, things will get dark and fast — when the couple winds up in the line of fire, thanks to their parents. Speaking of, Shawn and Alexis will discover something that places them closer to uncovering a major secret.

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3. Big Day For The Teens

GH spoilers note that the teens of Port Charles will celebrate a milestone this week. Could this be about their high school graduation? Curtis will prepare for Trina’s big day, as teasers hint that Joss and Cam might be able to move forward after all that has gone down recently.

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2. New Hospital Chairperson

GH spoilers reveal a new hospital chair is appointed this week, now that Cyrus Renault is out of the picture. It seems as if Portia will want to know more about who’ll be in charge, while added teasers state that Terry will have high hopes she can have a positive impact. Speaking of Portia, she and Taggert will share a special night.

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1. Nik and Ava

GH spoilers indicate that Ava will make a major decision this week, and there will be speculation around how Nikolas will handle the aftermath. In related teasers, Nina and Ava will meet to compare notes on some things that have gone down as of late. Lastly, Lucy will be caught off guard by someone or something, in the coming days.

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