General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (July 18, 2022)

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Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! What’s set to unfold in the land of Port Charles next week?! Trina’s trial is in full swing, while there may be more to Willow’s health issues. Also, Britt’s going on a date! Learn more about these storylines and others in the below GH spoilers for the week of July 18th, 2022.

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9. Trina’s Trial

GH spoilers suggest that things could get ugly at Trina’s trial during the week of July 18th. Added teasers hint that family, friends and enemies could be asked to testify. As the days go by, Portia will be very worried about her daughter, and Marshall will help comfort the concerned mom. Meanwhile, Curtis will hope to strike a deal to help the situation. By the time Friday hits, Jordan will question Curtis’s actions. What’s he up to?

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8. The Esme Factor

GH spoilers seem to imply that things could look dire for Trina, but will Spencer swing in for the save? Teasers for the week of July 18th suggest that he’ll deal with Esme “honestly” and things could get nasty between the two. As the days go by, Ms. Prince will try to convince the bartender to help her. Will she find a way to slither out of the predicament she’s in?

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7. Spencer Presents A Deal

GH spoilers reveal that as Friday hits, Spencer will present Esme with a deal. Will she accept it? In other news, Spencer will tell Nikolas and Ava something that stuns them. Added teasers imply that Ava will also be caught off guard by what Nik tells her, some days later. Will he come clean about his one-nighter with Esme?

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6. There’s More To Willow’s Health Scare

GH spoilers state that there may be more to Willow’s health than expecting a baby. Added teasers hint that TJ will do everything he can to figure it all out. Over the subsequent days, Willow will join Michael, Carly and Drew to celebrate some good news. That is, until someone unexpected interrupts them.

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5. Britt Goes On A Date

GH spoilers suggest that Britt will go on a date next week, and it’s likely that her companion will be none other than Cody. The newcomer will look for information on Westbourne. Will he want to impress her on their night out or is this about something else? Regardless, it sounds like their date won’t go well, as Britt will eventually call Cody out on his true intentions. Lastly, after talking to Michael, Dante will realize that his old friend hasn’t taken any of his advice.

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4. Open Mic At The Haunted Star

Some fun GH spoilers for the week of July 18th, as the Haunted Star will host an open mic. Sounds like BLQ will try to convince Chase to give it a go, while Marshall encourages Epiphany to “let it all hang out.” Looks like some pretty interesting singing performances are on the horizon.

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3. Trouble In Paradise?

Sounds like there could be trouble in paradise for Maxie and Austin. GH spoilers imply that the good doctor will deal with some troublesome texts next week. Meanwhile, Maxie will also accuse Spinelli of “stalking” her and Austin. Added teasers note that Damian will confess something to his baby mama, some days later. Lastly, Austin will meet with the “mystery man”.

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2. Sonny’s World

Over in the mob world, GH spoilers note that Sonny will work over Felty until the two are interrupted by someone unexpected. Meanwhile, Nina and Brando will continue to worry about Sasha. In related teasers, Corinthos and Reeves will lay it out on the line for each other and talk about some major “truths”. Will the two say sorry to each other and make up?

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1. More Spoilers!

Rounding out GH spoilers for the week of July 18th, Molly and TJ will enjoy a special moment until someone unexpected is brought into the hospital. Who could it be? Meanwhile, Valentin will make a romantic gesture, but Anna isn’t buying what he’s selling. Lastly, Carly will try to talk Josslyn out of something, forgetting that the very thing that makes her daughter so stubborn is her own genes!

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