General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (July 15, 2019)


Summer continues to roll on in the land of Port Charles! Jason will worry about Carly this week (what else is new); Lulu will turn to Sonny for help, and Elizabeth will be surprised by Cameron. Learn about these storylines and others in the General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the week of July 15, 2019.

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9. Jason & Carly

GH spoilers indicate that Jason will fear for Carly, so perhaps there more issues that will pop up in her pregnancy this week. Jason isn’t only Carly’s best friend, but also her hero most times, so here’s hoping nothing happens to further cause her stress about her baby’s impending arrival. She’s already dealt with enough.

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8. Carly Turns To Joss

In other GH spoilers related to Carly, she’ll turn to her daughter Josslyn for some input. She’ll want to know her opinion on something, and while Joss is young, her life experience has been plentiful. This might have to do with Carly and her struggling pregnancy, and she may want Josslyn’s input on what to do next.

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7. Lulu Turns To Sonny

As the Dante drama heats up, Lulu will reach out to Sonny for help after all the pieces that fall. Having said that, it seems as if despite the fact that Corinthos will be able to offer assistance with this, he won’t be able to fix the mess that Maxie has created.

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6. Lulu Loses It

GH spoilers tease that Lulu will lose it on Maxie, ripping into her this week. Seems as if Maxie hasn’t learned to mind her own business, despite others having reservations about reaching out to Dante. He clearly was not ready to come back to Port Charles, and Maxie crossed a line that she might not be able to come back to.

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5. Jax Learns Of An Alliance

GH spoilers tease that Jax will learn about a Port Charles alliance this week. Could it be the fact that Curtis is working for Valentine now? As the days progress, Curtis will confess some fears he has to someone, so he might need to explain his situation to someone because of what Jax has found out.

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4. Cameron Surprises Liz

GH spoilers hint that Elizabeth will be surprised by her son Cameron. He’s been a hard cookie to crack as a teenager and has caused her a ton of stress, but maybe things are turning around. In other teasers, JaSam fans can expect some romance between their favorite Port Charles super couple, as Sam also surprises Jason this week.

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3. Shiloh Gets Desperate

Across town, GH spoilers suggest that Shiloh’s patience will run thin, and desperation will take over. This could mean he might do something drastic or dangerous. Shiloh really thought that Wiley was his son, and the aftermath could push him over the edge. At the same time, something else could cause him to lose his mind, where he does something over-the-top. In other related teasers, Julian will wonder if his recent actions were “enough.”

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2. Jason & Drew Work Together

Feel-good GH spoiler as teasers state that Jason and Drew will keep their promise to Oscar about the treehouse. Seems as if they will start working on it together sometime this week, so here’s hoping the twins can finally get a little closer and bond like brothers should. Should offer some solid scenes between them.

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1. More Spoilers!

Finn and Alexis will catch up this week, as Julian and Kim have a deep conversation. Meanwhile, Sonny will be quite upset with Ava as the days roll on, and Sasha will make an announcement of sorts. Last, but not least, Kristen will be left shaken … could this have to do with Shiloh’s meltdown?

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