General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (February 25, 2019)


Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! Seems like another incredible week is on tap in Port Charles! Will Laura and Kevin get rescued? Will Ryan get found out? How will Carly deal with the news around her pregnancy? Learn about these storylines and others in the GH spoilers for the week of February 25, 2019.

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9. Lulu Worried

GH spoilers tease that Lulu will become increasingly worried as time goes by, as she has not heard or seen Laura. She’ll recruit bestie Maxie to help her with search efforts for her mom. Having said that, these two won’t be the only ones that may start looking for Laura. In other Lulu news, she’ll have to muster up all her courage to face Franco this week.

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8. The Old Gang Is Back!

GH spoilers hint that Felicia and Mac will grow suspicious and develop a theory about something. Seems like they’ll join the Laura search party as well. Lucy will ponder some questions as well this week, so she won’t be too far behind in helping out with the situation. Will the old gang succeed in finding Laura (and Kevin)?

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7. Kevin & Ryan

GH spoilers suggest that Kevin will desperately be looking for an escape this week. With half the town searching for Laura, there may be hope for them both. On to his twin Ryan, GH spoilers tease that he’ll start to lose control as the days go by, becoming furious and frustrated. Not a good combo for this serial killer.

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6. Is This The Week?

With everyone out on the hunt for Laura, Ryan is close to losing control, and with Kevin and Laura reunited, could this be the week that Ryan’s secret finally comes out? All arrows seem to be pointing to an explosive conclusion to this huge storyline. If it isn’t this week, it is sure to be the next!

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5. Ava’s News

GH spoilers indicate that Ava will ponder about sharing her big news. She wants to tell the world of Port Charles, but can’t. It seems she’ll approach brother Julian this week, seeking advice and looking for answers. These two are tight, so here’s hoping Julian can help her iron things out.

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4. Drew In Trouble

GH spoilers indicate trouble for Drew ahead, as he gets a secret message of some sort this week. While it is uncertain what that message will be, in other Drew spoilers, he’ll be struck with sudden blindness. Liz will show concern for him, but what is more stressing than that is the fact that teasers hint to him running Jordan over with his car because of his condition, which comes out of the blue.

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3. Curtis Stands Bedside

GH spoilers indicate that Curtis will stand vigil by Jordan’s bedside. Things might not look too good for her thanks to the accident, and it’s clear her hubby will do all he can to support her during this dire time. Here’s hoping she’ll be okay when all is said and done.

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2. Carly Turns To Jason

Carly seems to be under a ton of pressure now that she knows she pregnant and all the complications that come with having another baby. GH spoilers tease that she’ll turn to Jason and most likely open up to him about what she is feeling. If anyone can make Carly feel better, it’s Jason.

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1. Anna Wants Answers

GH spoilers suggest that Anna will confront her son Peter this week, demanding some answers from him. Things are about to get real between this mother-son duo, and while she’s been trying to play nice with him, it seems as if Peter may see another side to Anna. In other related news, Finn will work hard to try and explain himself.

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