General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (December 21, 2020)

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Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! What’s on tap in the land of Port Charles for the week of Christmas? Unexpected revelations, a little holiday cheer, and some incredible drama! Learn more about what will happen to Sonny, Jason, Cyrus, Laura, TJ, Molly, Diane, and others in the GH spoilers for the week of December 21, 2020.

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9. Jason Struggles

One might think that Stone Cold would be struggling with being single during the holidays; however, GH spoilers hint otherwise. Jason will try to reconnect with Sonny in the coming days, and it seems as if it’ll all be an epic fail. In related teasers, Carly will desperately attempt to hide her worry.

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8. Will It Be A Boy or Girl?

Across town, GH spoilers hint that Peter and Maxie will find out whether they are having a girl or boy. Regardless of the gender, the parents-to-be are sure to be excited whatever the news is. In other baby teasers, Dante will finally be introduced to his little sister Donna. Seems like a heartwarming scene that fans will enjoy.

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7. Laura and Cyrus

GH spoilers offer some cryptic teasers when it comes to Laura and Cyrus. While Collins will insist she has no common ground with Renault, it seems as if she’ll be proven wrong on this accord in the coming days. Does she get information around Cyrus being her half-brother? If so, she’d be welcoming Martin into the fold, too!

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6. Finn’s World

GH spoilers reveal that Finn will share much more with Anna in the coming days, so he’s sure to get into a little more detail around his relationship with his dad. Added teasers for Finn indicate that he and Chase spend some time in the coming days, and will even enjoy a game of cards together. In other news, Robert and Jackie will catch up.

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5. Someone Needs Legal Help

GH spoilers suggest that Diane will be called over to the PCPD next week to help out a client with legal issues. Could this be for Sonny? Maybe Jason? Carly? At this point, many candidates could use her assistance. Perhaps Alexis finds herself in a pinch, thanks to this week’s issues with Tracy and Chase.

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4. Holiday Fun

As per GH spoilers, Jordan and Curtis will spend Christmas Eve with TJ and Molly. Meanwhile, Lucas will be taken aback by something Michael does. Will he invite Lucas over to spend time with Wiley for some holiday fun? Lucas could really use the pick-me-up, plus the good doctor probably misses the little boy even more during this time of year.

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3. Obrecht Changes Her Direction

GH spoilers imply that Liesl will come up with a new scheme next week. So much has fallen apart for her these past few days, so it makes sense that she’ll decide to change direction on things; however, what will her next move be now that Franco needs her help, and Dr. Kirk is gone?

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2. More Spoilers!

Ava will need someone to lean on, and GH spoilers state that Nik will be waiting to help her. Meanwhile, when Christmas Eve hits, Sasha will lash out at Brando for all that he’s done as of late. The guy is trying to protect her, but she can’t see that right now. Who else thinks these two are headed for romance?

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1. Pre-emption Alert!

Heads up, as new episodes won’t be airing on Thursday or Friday of next week. GH will rebroadcast a classic episode on Christmas Eve (December 24th), airing the September episode where Sonny and the gang geared up to say their goodbyes before Mike passed on. Meanwhile, GH will be pre-empted on Christmas day (December 25th) due to a sports broadcast.

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