General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (December 17, 2018)


Just one week away before the ho-ho-ho-holidays hit Port Chuckles and its residents! What’s on the agenda this warm, loving, and fuzzy season? Tons of drama! Learn more about what will happen to Liz, Sam, Carly, Jason, Sonny, and others, in the General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the week of December 17, 2018.

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9. Sam Confides In Jason

GH spoilers indicate that Sam will turn to Jason, telling him about the emails she’s been sending to the individual behind the newspaper clipping. Both will work together to try and figure out who sent it, and who is now sending her emails. This situation just may continue to bring the couple closer and closer together.

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8. Sam’s Stressed

GH spoilers tease some underlying anxiety for Sam. While she will get some support from Jason, she’ll still stress about another weird message that comes her way this week. Sam will still be investigating the Leland Powell mystery, and GH spoilers hint she’s in for a shock as to where it all leads to in the end.

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7. Daisy’s The Key

GH spoilers tease that Daisy just may be the key to Sam’s investigation. Things will start to unfold soon, and sadly, GH spoilers also hint that when everything hits the fan, Kristina will stand with Daisy and the DOD cause. Family drama is brewing in the shadows right now, waiting to be released!

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6. Bully Exposed

GH spoilers indicate that Charlotte’s bully will be exposed this week, and expect Liz to hit the roof! She will want to end Aiden’s suffering and try and get this entire situation under control. GH spoilers also hint that both Lulu and Laura will talk to Charlotte in an effort to get her to apologize to Aiden. In the end, she’s forced to do so.

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5. Nina/Valentin Reunion?

Seems as if a Nina/Valentin reunion is on the horizon this week. GH spoilers tease that Nina will slowly start to fall harder and harder, and won’t be able to resist temptation much longer. While Valentin recruiting Sasha for this fake-new-daughter ploy seems to be working, how much longer before the truth blows him out of the water?

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4. Teen Drug Drama

GH spoilers tease the idea of Cameron having scenes with a drug dealer this week. As the days progress, the Port Charles police department will reach out to Liz. Seems that Cameron will find himself in big trouble when he tries to get some marijuana for an ailing Oscar. While breaking the law is terrible, the wrath of his mom might be worse.

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3. Willow & Chase

GH spoilers tease that Lulu will try and get some information from Chase, but is it about a police investigation, or maybe for Willow? Willow will have a heart-to-heart with her this week, where Lulu offers some advice about leaving “the past, in the past”. Perhaps Lulu will try and meddle this week between the two and play matchmaker. Further GH spoilers do indicate that Chase will try and get closer to the beautiful teacher this week. Is love in the air for these two?

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2. Carly and Sonny

Expect some drama this week between the CarSon super couple! GH spoilers hint that Carly will be worried, and even vent to Jason about what’s on her mind. As the week progresses, she and Sonny won’t be seeing eye to eye, and it is not hard to predict that Margaux, and Sonny’s new-found friendliness towards her, might be the underlying reason.

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1. More Spoilers!

Anna will feel as if she owes Maxie, while a person from Drew’s past will emerge this week. GH spoilers also tease that Oscar would try and assist others and Josslyn, of all people, will pay Julian Jerome a visit. Here’s hoping Carly or Sonny don’t catch wind of it, they wouldn’t approve!

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